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ARTICLES by Dr. Leon James

1.         Congressional Testimony on the Psychology of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

2.         Our Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Book -- Excerpts and Index 

3.         Dealing with stress and pressure in the vehicle. Taxonomy of Driving Behavior:  Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor

4.         A New Paradigm for a Global Lifelong Driver Education Curriculum

5.         Two concept Papers: Instituting a Program of Lifelong Traffic Safety Training and Promoting the Spread of Quality Driving Circles (QDC) for Post-Licensing Driver Self-improvement Programs

6.         Lifelong Driver's Education: A New Socio-Behavioral Proposal

7.         Driving Psychology Principles

8.         Aggressive Driving is Emotionally Impaired Driving

9.         Aggressive Driving is Emotionally Impaired Driving Conference Paper Summary Principles, Handouts, Analyses, and Charts

10.      Driver Personality Survey Results: Driving With Emotional Intelligence

11.      Gender and Driving--Men vs. Women

12.       Driving Personality Makeovers

13.       Musings of a Traffic Psychologist in Traffic--Social Psychology of Driving

14.      Partnership Driving

15.       Philosophy of Driving

16.     Principles of Driving Psychology

17.     Psychology and Driving

18.     Violence and Driving--A Mental Health Issue

19.     QDC--Quality Driving Circles or Support Groups

20.       Three-Step Program for Changing Your Driving Habits

21.       Data On the Private World of the Driver (thoughts and feelings)

22.     What Drivers Complain About Arranged by Feelings, Thoughts, and Acts

23.     Common Aggressive Driving Habits and What To Do About Them

24.       Traffic Emotions Education Cards

25.       DrDriving's Rating of the Strength of Aggressive Driving Language in Legislation

26.     Common Driving Habits and What To Do About Them

27.     Cars, Drivers, Passengers and Relationships, Marriage, Romance

28.     Drivers Against Pedestrians: How to Change Attitudes -- Checklist for Your Tendency to Pressure Pedestrians -- Your Emotional Intelligence Towards Pedestrians

29.     Pedestrian Psychology and Safety

30.     Pedestrian Rage

31.     Bicycling Safety Information -- The War Against Drivers

32.     The Psychology of Air Rage Prevention With Compassionate Crowd Management Techniques

33.     Collection of Road Rage and Driving Tips on the Web (1996-2007)

34.     Acts of Kindness while Driving

35.     DBB Ratings--Drivers Behaving Badly Movie Ratings

36.     Distracted Driving: Cell phones, Multitasking

37.     Workshop Charts on Getting a Grip on Anger while Driving

38.     Music and Driving

39.     Chart of Your Driving Personality

40.     Road Rage Overview

41.     Driver Personality Test

42.     Collection of Road Rage News Stories Around the World (1996-2007)

43.     Interview Answers on Road Rage and Other Rages for Various News Sources

44.     The Psychology of Parking Rage: Threestep Program For Prevention

45.     Driver Personality Test and Results

46.     Emotional Reactions to the September 11 Attack

47.     Birds Stories The Social Psychology of a Backyard Aviary

48.     Songs About Driving Cars on Roads and Highways

49.       The Effect of Age, Gender, and Type of Car Driven Compared by the States

50.      The Legend of DrDriving Explained--The Battle Between Road Warrior and DrDriving

51.      What is a CARRtoon?

52.      Driver Alert: 1997 Student Magazine Issue

53.      DrDriving’s List of Driving Research References

54.      The Psychology of Pedestrian Rage

55.      Driving Topics

56.      CARRtoon Vignettes