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by Dr. Leon James

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  1. My Congressional Testimony on the Psychology of Road Rage and Aggressive Driving

  2. Our Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Book -- Excerpts and Index 

  3. Dealing with stress and pressure in the vehicle. Taxonomy of Driving Behavior:  Affective, Cognitive, Sensorimotor

  4. A New Paradigm for a Global Lifelong Driver Education Curriculum

  5. Two concept Papers: Instituting a Program of Lifelong Traffic Safety Training
    and Promoting the Spread of Quality Driving Circles (QDC) for Post-Licensing Driver Self-improvement Programs

  6. Lifelong Driver's Education: A New Socio-Behavioral Proposal

  7. Driving Psychology Principles

  8. Aggressive Driving is Emotionally Impaired Driving

  9. Aggressive Driving is Emotionally Impaired Driving Conference Paper Summary Principles, Handouts, Analyses, and Charts

  10. Driver Personality Survey Results: Driving With Emotional Intelligence

  11. Gender and Driving--Men vs. Women

  12. Driving Personality Makeovers

  13. Musings of a Traffic Psychologist in Traffic--Social Psychology of Driving

  14. Partnership Driving

  15. Philosophy of Driving

  16. Principles of Driving Psychology

  17. Psychology and Driving

  18. Violence and Driving--A Mental Health Issue

  19. QDC--Quality Driving Circles or Support Groups

  20. 3-Step Program for Changing Your Driving Habits

  21. Data On the Private World of the Driver (thoughts and feelings)

  22. What Drivers Complain About Arranged by Feelings, Thoughts, and Acts

  23. Common Aggressive Driving Habits and What To Do About Them

  24. Traffic Emotions Education Cards

  25. DrDriving's Rating of the Strength of Aggressive Driving Language in Legislation

  26. Common Driving Habits and What To Do About Them

  27. Cars, Drivers, Passengers and Relationships, Marriage, Romance

  28. Drivers Against Pedestrians: How to Change Attitudes -- Checklist for Your Tendency to Pressure Pedestrians -- Your Emotional Intelligence Towards Pedestrians

  29. Pedestrian Psychology and Safety

  30. Pedestrian Rage

  31. Bicycling Safety Information -- The War Against Drivers

  32. The Psychology of Air Rage Prevention With Compassionate Crowd Management Techniques

  33. Driving Informatics and Links

  34. Driving Information and Links

  35. Driving Topics and Web Links

  36. Driving Literature References

  37. Largest Collection of Road Rage and Driving Tips on the Web (1996-2007)

  38. 9 Zones of Your Driving Personality

  39. Acts of Kindness while Driving

  40. DBB Ratings--Drivers Behaving Badly Movie Ratings

  41. Distracted Driving: Cell phones, Multitasking

  42. Red Light Running

  43. Collection of Statistics, Facts, Advice, Tips

  44. Analyzing Newsgroups for Drivers--Student Reports

  45. Workshop Charts on Getting a Grip on Anger while Driving

  46. Music and Driving

  47. For Law Enforcement and Safety Officials: Aggressive Driving Questions and Answers

  48. Chart of Your Driving Personality

  49. Principles of Christian Driving Psychology

  50. Road Rage Overview

  51. Driver Personality Test

  52. Driving Vignettes

  53. Driving Cartoons

  54. DrDriving's Advice for Managing Your Own Road Rage

  55. Hawaii Road Rage and Driving Issues

  56. The New Driver Education for the Year 2000

  57. Collection of Road Rage News Stories Around the World

  58. Interview Answers on Road Rage and Other Rages for Various News Sources

  59. The Psychology of Parking Rage: Threestep Program For Prevention

  60. Driver Personality Test and Results

  61. DrDriving's Advice for AAA Members on Managing Your Own Road Rage

  62. Rage-Depression Survey Results for Age

  63. Rage-Depression Survey Results for Gender

  64. Rage-Depression Survey Results for Education

  65. Rage-Depression Survey Results for Age, Gender, Education

  66. Rage-Depression Survey Results: Notebook with Selections and Links

  67. Emotional Reactions to the September 11 Attack

  68. Pets Psychology and Rage-Depression -- Pet Loss Support, Human Catheads, More...

  69. Birds Stories The Social Psychology of a Backyard Aviary

  70. Songs About Driving Cars on Roads and Highways

  71. Half a Century of Science in Psychology: Scientific Neologisms Coined by Leon James For the Period 1958-2008

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Access to Interview Answers on
Road Rage, Aggressive Driving, Driving Psychology, Pedestrians, More...
by Dr. Leon James


Oahu Fleet Safety Organization (OFSO) September 1996
Safety Facts
Self-Witnessing Exercise
What Kind of FEELINGS do you have while driving?
What kind of THOUGHTS do you have while driving?
What kind of ACTIONS do you do while driving?

Answers here

Budget Rent-A-Car Hawaii Car Show, Honolulu, February 1997
Displays DrDriving's Tips and Slogans
Answers here

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution  Joey Ledford  October 1998
James believes road rage is a habit acquired in childhood.
James differs from many experts in the fledgling field. Therapy, he said, is not the cure for road rage. He pushes a three-step self help program he calls AWM.
Answers here

The Sunday Fort Wayne Journal Gazette  Joe Boyle  February 1999
Officials try to curb `road rage'
Driver behavior in the Hostile Zone
James suggests driver's education from kindergarten throughout the rest of their driving career.
Answers here

Bicycling Magazine Doug Donaldson April 2000
Why do drivers get so angry when they see people on bikes?
Do you believe that drivers see cyclists as living outside the rules and thus is cause for road rage?
What are some signs of road rage a cyclist might see in a driver?
What's should a rider do when they spot a driver with road rage, specifically directed at the cyclist?
Answers here

The Washington Post  Don Oldenburg  April 2000
I'm working on a short piece that looks at several recently released racing and driving video games. I'm wondering if you've given any thought to this genre of home entertainment which puts players behind the wheel of everything from racing cars to dirt bikes. Most of these games are racers, other are speed and bash games.
Any chance this kind of play acting could relieve tension after a long commute home?
When talking about racing/driving videogames, it's easy to see that the extreme titles, such as Carmageddon, where the point is to run-down pedestrians, could be harmful.
Are we as drivers bringing more agendas behind the wheel today than we used to? Not only eating, talking on the cell phone, doing business on the dashboard--but also expressing our frustrations and anger from other parts of our lives through our automobiles?

Answers here

Jornal Valor (Sao Paulo, Brazil) Claudio Cordovil May 2000
How many deaths are caused by road rage each year?
Do you believe that we must consider road rage as a kind of public health problem?
What aggressive road rage is becoming more common?
Is road rage increasing?
Are there differences in aggressive driving across countries--is it a universal epidemic?
What is the efficacy of psychotherapeutic-like techniques in order to deal with that problem?
Can it be seen as a symptom of society's growing loss of community, a decay of moral values?
Answers here

UCLA Women and Road Rage Darwyn Carson November 2000
What can women do - for themselves and (working within the family) their teens who may be approaching driving age - to arrest this peaking epidemic?
Isn't this going against how women are usually perceived - as the peacemakers of society?
Do you know who originated the term road rage? When was the term first used?
Could you give me a few ways women - (single and well as married with children) might begin to deal with this problem.

Answers here

Chatelaine Magazine Shandley McMurray December 2000
How would you define road rage?
Could she have avoided this?
How can women drivers avoid being the victims of road rage?
Can you name 10 ways that women drivers can avoid being road ragers or aggressive drivers themselves? (or what are the top 10 ways to dispel road rage?)
Why did you write your book "Road Rage And Aggressive Driving"?
Do you think this topic is of more concern to women than men? If so, why?
Answers here

San Francisco Examiner Judy DeMocker December 2000
I'm interested in covering, at least cursorily, the psychological underpinnings of Road Rage, to better understand what makes it so difficult for drivers to share the roads with bicyclists, skaters, and pedestrians.
So any theories on why bicyclists get targeted for hostile or aggressive behavior more than, say, pedestrians do?
For motorists, what happens in them that they cannot recognize their bad behavior or the consequences of it?
And, what are the triggers for this sort of rage? You say it's learned behavior from childhood-- What activates it?
Is road rage just a socially sanctioned way of dumping repressed emotions?
Answers here

Live Chat with Epotec Dale Dallabrida February 2001
How do you define "road rage"?
How do you define "aggressive driving"?
Is aggressive driving on the increase?
What states have the biggest problems with aggressive driving?
I try not to be aggressive, but people who don't follow road signs and cut me off do make me really angry. Any tips for coping with all the idiots out there?
Answers here

Boston Globe Article Tara Arden-Smith February 2001
I'm trying to explore is whether contemporary litigiousness and increasingly official behavior-regulation has contributed to the more extreme and fatal outbursts of rage.
It seems that several decades ago there were many more physical outlets for anger that were reasonably innocuous, socially acceptable and certainly less lethal, i.e. the schoolyard fistfight.
What kinds of predictive factors are associated with violent rage?
Answers here

Culturenotes Webseed Publishing Network  Allan Stein October 2001
What is the clinical definition of parking lot rage?
Why does it happen, who is most susceptible to it psychologically, and how can it be prevented?
Does parking lot rage signify a coarsening of attitudes and an erosion of public etiquette?
Answers here

Men's Health UK  Rob Kemp November 2001
Are there any specifically identified reasons why men are more prone to road rage?
What can be done to reduce the likelihood of our readers 'losing it' behind the wheel.
Answers here

Gala December 2001
How common is "road rage" or aggressive driving today as opposed to 10 or 20 years ago?
Why has road rage become more common over the years? Is it just a sign of the times or a reflection on our society as a whole?
How does road rage affect all drivers--from the angry driver to the unsuspecting drivers?
What advice or tips would you give to our readers/commuters who feel as if they're going to blow their top and slide into aggressive driving?

Answers here

First For Women Magazine  Robin Rinaldi  September 2003
Definition of Aggressive Driving
Types and Levels of Aggressive Driving
TEE Cards--Traffic Emotions Education
Anger Control Methods
Attribution Bias in Driving Exchanges
Symptoms of Confrontational Thinking
Test Your Road Rage Tendency
Checklist: Aggressive Thoughts and Feelings
The Gender Effect

Answers here


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Recommended Review Article

"Respect on the Road": Mott MacDonald Literature Review
Motorists' Forum  2007

Executive summary
Critical assessment of key sources
What do people understand respect on the road to be?
How does behaviour differ between road users e.g. car users, van drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, and why?
What are peoples' attitudes to the police, parking attendants and other law enforcers on the road?
What characteristics of the car environment cause a person's respect for others to diminish?
How do people justify their behaviour on the road?
To what extent are the people who show a lack of respect on the road more likely to exhibit dangerous behaviour on the roads?
What would make people improve their behaviour on the road and show more respect for others?


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