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What is Driving Informatics

Dr. Diane Nahl and Dr. Leon James

We coined the phrase "driving informatics" in 1998, to refer to the activity of collecting and organizing information about driving behavior and drivers. Driving informatics is part of information science. There are other informatics topics, e.g., medical informatics, social informatics, among others. Informatics refers to the wealth of data in databases and other electronic files surrounding a particular topic. For driving there are the DMV databases, police databases on accident/crash reports as well as crime databases (e.g. vehicular homicide, etc.), legislative databases, crash testing statistics, consumer product evaluation databases, also, on the Web, speedtrap registries, databases of unsafe drivers maintained by citizen groups, trip planner databases, GPS navigation system databases for cars, online systems in cars (telematics) (e.g. OnStar and Visteon) and other sorts of databases that are springing up worldwide surrounding the driving topic.

Driving has become such a significant topic in society and has so many widespread connections relating to purchase, maintenance, travel planning, insurance, education, law enforcement and legislation, politics, etc., that it deserves its own connected and integrated topic area called "driving informatics." Eventually there will be more databases on individual's driving behavior compiled from photo radar, car black boxes, and individual's records of their own behavior for the purpose of self-observation for self-improvement.

Its current major topic categories are listed below as live links to materials related to each topic. We wish to acknowledge the invaluable help of our many students at the University of Hawaii who have carried out our research goals as apprentices learning about Driving Informatics subjects since 1982.

Driving Informatics is a branch of Human Informatics and Social and Organizational Informatics. A related area is Cognitive Informatics. Because we live in the information age, our quality of life now greatly depends on our information literacy. This modern day ability consists of skills in thinking and in attitude that we are called upon to exercise in a computer mediated environment. To be successful searchers of information we need to think in the language or register of information--its structure and its units.

We have two orientations in the process of becoming information literate. Sometimes we turn away from our task and give up searching, feeling defeated ("I didn't find out anything"). This orientation is non-adaptive, the source of information anxiety and overload, followed by a leaned helplessness towards the computer environment of information, even an aversion for it. Additional articles I've written on this may be found here.

The other orientation we go through is more adaptive and positive: we feel mastery and the satisfaction that comes with success at finding what we need in the information world. And so we tend to alternate between low self-efficacy feelings as a searcher and high self-efficacy.

Driving informatics has become important in our Car Society. People everywhere have daily information needs regarding driving, whether it has to do with accident recovery needs (medical, legal, and psychological) or driver education or traffic calming. Today, driving informatics is organized along three delivery modalities: the Web, the Library, the Bookstore. Here is schematic representation of Driving Informatics in relation to its conceptual development.

Dr. Diane Nahl and Dr. Leon James

Driving Informatics Annotated Links

Accident Recovery

1). Car Accident Family Web Site

Car Accident Family Web Site provides all sort of information for a family involve in an accident. For example, tools for accident recovery, support groups and a car accident circle site. Overall, the theme of this web site is to offer a family important tools for reclaiming peace of mind and healing the invisible wounds they suffer.

2). AIM (Accident Investigation and Management Limited)

AIM offers people a total service in motor accident management. The site features accident management, claims handling and uninsured loss recovery for the general audience.


Aroma Therapy and Driving

1). Aeron Drive Time Diffuser

The creators of aromatherapy product called Aeron Drive Time Diffuser claim it reduce stress, relax, sooth and enhance driving mood. A guided tour explaining steps on how to use the product is available.

2). Amaranthine Aromatics

Another aromatherapy product called PEPpermint are put into a car dashboard as an electeric auto diffuser. The Aeron Drive Time Diffuser is also disclosed as a deluxe auto diffuser. The site advertises that the PEPpermint help drivers stay awake and stay alive.


Audio-books for Drivers

1). Drive Times

Drive Times addresses the issue on how to make your commute time productive time. The site provides audio magazines for drivers and passengers alike to listen and kill time in a traffic. The site also has a "Did you Know" facts displayed.

2). Straight from the Road

A series of books on tape by Gary Straight about a rockin'-rollin' road trip from Florida to Alaska. The tapes are often humorous, sometimes sobering, and occassionally honest glimpse of life on the road and the pursuit of some American Dreams. The authors wit and wisdom will make you laugh out loud one minute, then cause you to stop and think about life next.

3). Books on Tape Help Commuters Cope

An article entitled "Books on tape help commuters cope" written in the Seattle Times. The article provided valuable information that books on tape help people relax during their commute.



1). E Auto (Everything Automotive)

E-Auto is the most comprehensive internet resource for automotive-related information. The site also features other automotive services like e-Auto Vantage Car Buying Service, e-Auto CarFinance.com Automobile Financing Service, etc.

2). ASA (Automotive Service Association)

ASA has been the leading organization for owners and managers of automotive service businesses that strive to deliver excellence in service and repairs to consumers. ASA mission is to advance the professionalism and excellence in the automotive repair industry through education, representation and member services. The site features automotive tips, different automotive surveys, ASA news, etc.

3). USCAR (United States Council for Automotive Research)

USCAR is the umbrella organization of DaimlerChrysler, Ford and General Motors. The organization was formed in 1992 to further strengthen the technology base of the domestic auto industry through cooperative, pre-competitive research. Below are some direct links that the site showcases.

4). Automobile Manufacturers' Web Pages

Part of the Automobile Information Center page offers all the Web Pages for almost all automobile manufacturers with web pages online. Check it out and see what new features are on cars today straight from the automobile manufacturer.

5) Cars, automobiles, manufacture, sale, history, and much more

Children as Passengers

1). Child Passenger Safety

Part of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the U.S. Department of Transportation page. The site features everything one needs to know about child passenger safety. Below are some direct links to topics of special interest and importance.

2). National SAFEKIDS Campaign

The National SAFE KIDS Campaign is the first and only national organization dedicated solely to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury-the number one killer of children ages 14 and under. Below are some direct links that are featured at their page.


Driving Activism

1). NCADD (National Commission Against Drunk Driving)

NCADD is the successor to the Presidential Commission on Drunk Driving appointed by President Ronald Regan in 1982 to develop the first report on this national problem. NCADD are dedicated to minimizing the human and economic losses resulting from motor vehicle crashes by working to make driving impaired a socially unacceptable act. The site features a lot of facts and informative reports about drunk driving.

2). Mothers Against Drunk Driving

MADD is more than just a bunch of angry moms. They are real people, moms, dads, young people, and other individuals just trying to make a difference. They are determined to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime, and prevent underage drinking. The site features MADD programs, hot issues, public policy, MADD news, MADD press releases, etc.

3). National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Coalition

3D Prevention Coalition urges communities to take a stand against impaired driving. This lead to the proclamation that December is the National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month. The site features news releases, the drunk driving problem, what you can do, etc.

4) End Your Fear of Driving Fast

The Driving Fear program was developed by me, Rich Presta. After successfully overcoming my own fear of driving and panic disorder I compiled this program based upon my years of research for my own successful recovery and the feedback from others who have done the same. The program is currently in use by both individuals and in clinical settings.

Driving Games

1). GameSpot's Driving Games

GameSpot's has a large variety of driving games to select. Also featured are demo driving games, top driving games, game reviews and news sections. Below are some direct links to the driving games GameSpot has that is of special interest.

2). The Complete Guide to Driving Games

This is truly the complete guide to Driving Games. It defines what exactly is a driving game and identified the first ever driving game which was Chequered Flag. The site also features the ratings of certain games focusing on the games drive, visibility, roadholding, First-Off-at the lights factor.

3). Java 4 Fun Driving Games

Java 4 Fun offers 13 driving games and a brief review of each. Below are some direct links to driving games Java 4 Fun showcases.


Driving Informatics

1). Driving Informatics

Part of the hard work of Dr. Nahl and Dr. James with the help of their numerous students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. The site has many information about driving behaviors and drivers. In fact, the site feature the complete definition of Driving Informatics.

2). The Art of Driving

Part of the Reasonable Drivers Unanimous page featuring the safe use of mirrors, real world driving tips, seven sensible signals, and how to drive safe, avoid tickets and save money. There is also a truckers perspective section for poor drivers.


Driving Legislation

1). Agressive Driving Bills

Part of the National Conference of State Legislatures review about the latest aggressive driving bills in U.S. The summary is that nine states (Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, New York, Virginia and Washington) introduced a total of 23 aggressive driving bills in 1998. Only Arizona aggressive driving bill and Virginia driver's education requirement have been enacted so far. There is no Federal action on Aggressive Driving since the July 17, 1997 hearing. Also related to this, check out DrDriving's own summary of this bills.

2). Zero Tolerance

The Zero Tolerance bill is what President Clinton signed on November 28, 1995. The legislation allows the states to adopt and enforce a zero tolerance policy against teenage drinking and driving. The new law requires states to enact laws for drivers under 21 with blood alcohol content of 0.02%.

3). Combating Drunk Driving and Underage Drinking

Part of the White House Office of the Press Secretary December 26, 1998 press release of President Clinton's fight for a tough national impaired-driving standard. President Clinton will call on Congress to enact legislation to lower the blood alcohol content legal limit for impaired driving from .10% to 0.08%.


Driving Schools

1). Driving Schools at AutoGuide.net

AutoGuide.net is the internet's largest Automotive directory. Below are direct links to some of the 31 different driving schools listed.

AutoGuide.net also has a list of different Truck Driving Schools.

2). Top Driver

Top Driver is a complete driving resource center which started in 1995. The first regional location was in Connecticut and then soon expaned to Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, New York and Ohio. Top Driver's curriculum is fueled by expert knowledge provided by some of the nation's leading safety organization's like AAA Foundation. Top Driver is the first companyu to offer every aspect of the driving experience through their online resource and training center.

3). Driversity Driving School

Driversity Driving School which is located all over California claim to be the best source for education and training for the teenage driver. They offer both Driver Education (classroom) and Driver Training (behind the wheel) for teenagers only.


Driving Songs and Musicals

1). Music and Driving

Part of Terence Nakamatsu's report 1 for his Traffic Psychology course with Dr. James at University of Hawaii at Manoa. The focus of his report was to find out if music affect driving behavior relative to the following factors.

2). Great Summer Driving Music

Part of Jellyroll.com article from their newsletter titled Jelly. The site talks about what makes a great driving song. The sites answer is that driving songs don't have to be about cars themselves and the car AM/FM radio is just as good too.


Driving Tests

1). Online Testing Center

Online Testing Center.com gives valuable information about driving in the United States like the fact that we drive on the right hand side of the road. The site also features all the 50 states plus Canada's requirement to take a driving test and obtain a license.

2). The Driving Standards Agency

The Driving Standards Agency is responsible for conducting driving tests in Great Britian for cars, motorcycles, lorries and buses. DSA contributes to the road safety of drivers, riders and all other road users.


Law Enforcement

1). DrDriving's Aggressive Driving Prevention for Law Enforcement

Part of DrDriving's Law Enforcement page featuring police initiatives on aggressive driving/aggressive enforcement, numerous state law enforcement agencies, government report on aggressive driving, etc. The site is fill of information about law enforcement.

2). Officer.Com

Officer.Com is a complete law enforcement resource site created by Police officer James Meredith. The site claims it is by far the most popular law enforcement web site in the world. The site features different agencies, associations, criminal justice links, etc.

3). Law Enforcement Sites on the Web

A part one of eight Law Enforcement Sites on the Web. The site claims it is one of the largest and most awarded law enforcement sites on the net. The site is similiar to Officer.Com but the difference is that the Law Enforcement Sites on the Web is very broad. The site features advertisements and so many law enforcement issues.

4). Law Enforcement Online

Law Enforcement Online is the most complete list of Law Enforcement Agencies on the web. The site has currently over 3,500 Criminal Justice Agancies on the Federal, National, State, County, City and Town level. There is this subheading stating that "This Web Site has been honored with numerous awards for design, content, and community service.


Driving Psychology
Aggressive Driving

1). Citizens Against Speeding and Aggressive Driving

Citizens Against Speeding and Aggressive Driving is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to making the roads safe for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists alike. Their mission is to reduce auto-related deaths and injuries by eliminating speeding and aggressive driving, and to offer assistance to victims of car crashes and their families. The site features publications and resource links about aggressive driving.

2). Aggressive Driving: Research and Resources

Part of the Center for Public Safety and Injury Prevention at the University of Albany School of Public Health In New York. The site features online research articles and resources to other sites about aggressive driving and driving behavior. The work were compiled by Larry D. Preston and Yanming Xu.

3). Aggressive Driving: Background and Overview Report

Another page by National Conference of State Legislatures under their Environment, Energy and Transportation program's January 2000 report about aggressive driving. The site introduces and defines aggressive driving. It also talks about the psychology of aggressive driving, the law enforcement efforts, etc.


Behavioral Research on Drivers

1). Driving Behavior

Part of the Drivers.com many site topics. Several current reports are displayed throughout the site for information about driving behavior around the world. The site also provides links to driving behavior resources.

2). Changing Road User Behavior

Another link to driving behavior resources found at Drivers.com. This is a report summary of an edited version of the original report which was release in October 1995. There is an updated document entitled "Changing Road User Behaviour: What works, what doesn't", which was published in 1998, is avilable at Drivers.com bookstore.

3). Strategic Plan for Behavioral Research in Traffic Safety

Part of the Department of Transportion National Highway Traffic Safety Administration page of their Traffic Safety Programs-- Office of Research and Traffic Records. Talks about the background and summary of the drafted strategic plan. Below are direct links to some of the issues discussed.


Driver Education

1). DrDriving's Lifelong Driver Education Program

Another page by DrDriving who has a lot of information on driving behaviors and drivers. The site feature a link to the Tee Cards that DrDriving claim each card is a life saving mini-lesson for you and your loved ones. There are other informative links too so check it out because DrDriving believe that driving is a lifelong education and experience.

2). National Driver Training Institute

National Driver Training Institute is a driver education package that strive in creating safe drivers for life. Their motto is to "help for the teenager who wants to drive." The package includes a complete program, complete traffic safety video program series, etc. The site also has a pleasant background music.


Driving and Morality

1). Moral Driving IQ

Part of DrDriving's Chapter 11 Principles of Driving Psychology page. Talks about Driving and Morality focusing on the following:

2). Self Witnessing of Driving

Part of Gregg Suzuki's data project report for Traffic Psychology with Dr. James at University of Hawaii at Manoa. The report starts by asking the question "Is the automobile an immoral means of transportation?" Gregg based his report by looking into a book "The Immoral Machine" by Alvin Spivak. Spivak view the automobile is neither moral nor ethical.

3). Tailgating Behavior: Fair or Unfair?

Part of Kathy Teruya's report 1 for her Traffic Psychology course with Dr. James at University of Hawaii at Manoa. Kathy talks about why people tailgate and is it fair or unfair? What was interesting was the moral implications to tailgating she explored. Check it out and see what she disclosed.

Driving Information Brokering


Part of DrDriving's enormous incoming e-mail from web surfers asking and giving driving perspectives to DrDriving. In turn, web surfers receive a Dear DrDriving Letter with answers to their question and praise for ideas and information about driving.

2). The Driving Adventures Page

The Driving Adventures Page talks about the driving stories of the author, others and yours too if you want it publish on the web. The author wants to here about your driving stories, and about all the assholes you run into. Check it out, leave your own stories, and let the author know what you think about the page.


Driving Personality Makeovers

1). The Page for Driving Personality Makeovers

The site feature a variety of DrDriving's student work on what is Driving Personality Makeovers. Topics like "Driving Personality Makeovers: Is it for me? How Will I Change?" are discuss by several students.

2). Three-Step Program for a Driver Personality Makeover

Part of DrDriving's Three-Step Program for a Driver Personality Makeover. The three-steps are Acknowledge, Witness and Modify. This is an interesting site for drivers needing a driving personality makeover.


Driving Psychology

1). DrivingPsychology

Part of DrDriving's Driving Psychology page. The site feature a Pico Search for web surfers to use for searching anything about driving that DrDriving covered. There are also many other links about Driving Psychology in general. For example check out the Principles of Driving Psychology web site.

2). Driving Psychology Facts

Part of Kyle Kaneshiro's Report 1 for his Cyber-psychology course with Dr. James at University of Hawaii at Manoa. The focus of Kyle's report was to find driving facts, figures and statistics on topics linked below.

See also this directory.

3). The Psychology of Driving

Part of a short article on the Psychology of Driving by Mark Wutka. Mr. Wutka claims that one day he expects the field of Psychology to have a specialty called Autopsychology. The reason is that Psychology is really the study of how people act when they get in their cars.

See also this article.

Driving Scenario Analysis

1). DrDriving's Collection of Road Rage News Report

A collection of Road Rage News Report by DrDriving with the permission from the original owners of the articles. Check it out and see the driving scenario analysis by DrDriving of most articles.

2). Use of Real-Time Perception Program in a Driving Scenario

A paper by authors, C. Shekhar, S. Moisan, and M. Thonnat, describes the use of a real-time knowledge-based system for program supervision in the framework of an intelligent on-board guidance system (co-pilot) for a motor vehicle in a realistic situation. The vehicle is equipped with several sensors, producing data, that can be processed by several programs.


Driving with Emotional Intelligence

1). Driving with Emotional Intelligence?

Part of DrDriving's introductory note about Road Rage and Aggressive Driving. As one scroll's down the site, a section about what is Driving with Emotional Intelligence, the symptoms and remedy are discussed. Check it out and see what DrDriving has to say.


Impaired Driving

1). FYI: Impaired Driving

Part of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence page offering a "For Your Information" overview about impaired driving statistics and facts. For example, "38% (15,794) of U.S. traffic fatalities in 1999 were alcohol-related; on average, drinking and driving killed a human being every 31 minutes (US Department of Transportation, 4-03-00 press release)". Check it out and see other interesting facts and statistics that one could not imagine.

2). Race Against Impaired Driving (RAID)

Race Against Impaired Driving (RAID) is a non-profit responsible drinking awareness and educational program that promotes responsible drinking to the public, especially young people. The RAID program combines the excitement of motorsports with a positive message. Along with other activities, RAID uses race drivers and teams from the around the world to broadcast a simple yet effective message- Winners Drive Sober! The latter is fitting since the site can be found at DriveSober.com.

3). Prevention Primer: Impaired Driving

PREVLINE (Prevention Online) is the national clearinghouse for alcohol and drug information. This is a service of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The site features the different prevention initiatives for impaired driving like raising alcohol prices, lower blood alchol content, starting voluntary youth programs, etc.

4). Advocates: Impaired Driving

Part of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety page featuring similiar prevention acts as seen in PREVLINE about impaired driving. The difference is that the Advocates adopt such initiatives or acts as their own bylaws and thus, show their support to fight against impaired driving.


Information Structure of Web Sites on Driving

1). DrDriving on the Information Superhighway

Part of DrDriving's Information Superhighway page. The site features tons of driving resources from the web and DrDriving's own thoughts too about it. Check it out and see what kind of information interest you as a web surfer.

2). Current Information for Parents, Students and Instructors

Part of the Lake Parks High School in Roselle, Illinois Driver Education page. The site provides excellent driving information for young drivers and parents alike. The web publishers have categorized the different web sites by topic for easier and quicker access as linked below.


Media Ratings for Drivers Behaving Badly (DBB)

1). Drivers Behaving Badly

Part of DrDriving's Driver's Bahaving Badly (DBB) page. The site showcases the DBB ratings of movies, cartoons, music videos, car commericals gathered from DrDriving's Generational Curriculum. The site has an Evaluation Activity Sheet for DBB ratings. A similiar DBB Ratings can be found also at Driver Alert.


Psychology of Newsgroups for Drivers

1). Analyzing Newsgroups for Drivers

Part of DrDriving's Traffic Psychology page of gathered student reports on Analyzing Newsgroups for Drivers. The site has lots of information that one could not imagine. What makes it a good idea to visit this site is that the information is thorough and interesting. Also check out a related site to this about Newsgroups for Drivers.


Quality Driving Circles

1). Quality Driving Circles

Part of DrDriving's QualityDriving.com page that talks about what are Quality Driving Circles and how do they work? The site also features a Discussion Board on QDC's and other interesting information about driving. Also check out a related site where DrDriving's talks about QDC's too in his Congressional Testimony on Road Rage and Agressive Drivers.

2). Quality Driving Circles Spring 2000

QDC's Spring 2000 is a compilation of University of Hawaii at Manoa (Generation 13) student reports 1 for Dr. James courses in Cyber-Psychology and Psychology of Trucking. The students had to do several self witnessing reports and evaluations based the DrDriving's Tee Cards. Below are direct link to student reports 1 on QDC's Spring 2000.


Systemic Driving Information Needs

1). Driving Psychology Test ToolKit

Part of DrDriving' s Driving Psychology page that has a collection of tests, surveys, and questionnaires about drivers, driving, cars, road rage, and driver education. Below are some of the direct links featured within.


Airport Rage

1). Air Rage or Skyrage

Part of DrDriving's Air Rage page that talks about the psychology and solutions to Air Rage. As one scrolls down the page, the site also features interesting facts, statistics and links about Air Rage. Check it out and see what constitutes Air Rage.

2). AirSafe.com

AirSafe.com is a place for Air Rage information resources. The site features 8 Online resources related to Air Rage like Yahoo Air Rage and Passenger Rights Page. All the online sources should provide the passenger or the airline professional with insights in how to deal with anger and misbehaving people.

3). Air Rage

This Air Rage page is by Diana Fairechild. She talks about Air Rage issues like the well-publicized incidents where airline passengers have defecated on food carts, beaten up crew members, and even sexually assaulted their own seats. The problem is worldwide.

4). SKYRAGE Foundation

The SKYRAGE Foundation began shortly after a violent episode aboard a domestic commercial US flight. Renee and Michael Sheffer spearheaded the group after it became clear that the problem of inflight violence was in need of attention. SKYRAGE is design to reduce occurrences of inflight disruption and violence toward crewmembers and passengers. Safety is the key issue.


Children Against Road Rage

1). Children Against Road Rage (CARR)

CARR is part of DrDriving's many road rage pages. CARR has activities to help children become more aware passengers by focusing their attention on when and where they are being exposed to aggressive driving. Children, as passengers in cars and buses, are at risk of absorbing the hostile attitudes of their adult drivers. Overall, this an anti-road rage awareness for safeguarding children from becoming adult aggressive drivers to be used by parents and teachers.

2). Road Rage is Learned

Part of a short article written by Susan Kreifels from Honolulu's local newspaper online, Starbulletin.com, that talks about road rage relative to children. Dr. Leon James was interviewed and stated that "Driver Education starts in kindergarten and before".


Christian Response to Road Rage

1). Christ Against Road Rage

Christ Against Road Rage is part of another road rage page by DrDriving. Talks about the Principles of Christian Driving Psychology whereby Christians need to sanctify their driving. The Lord cares about how we treat our highway neighbor. What we need to understand about driving psychology and its relation to the Gospels.

2). SERMONS: Road Rage

Part of a sermon preached by Rev. Brent Eelman, D. Min. The Reverand first explored Road Rage as a metaphor for society and then, explored these troubling teachings of Jesus: "turn the other cheek." He also talks about a story that struggles with the question: "How does the modern Christians live these commands?" Check it out and see what the Reverand concluded.


Parking Lot Rage

1). Road Rage in School Lot

Part of a short article from DetroitNews.com about a girl's statement that Athens student rammed her car several times with GMC pickup truck after class. This is the latest incident of road rage involving a Troy teenager accused of using his car to ram another teen's vehicle because he thought she cut him off in a high school parking lot.

2). Parking Causes Quarrel

Part of the Daily TITAN Interactive news at California State University at Fullerton campus crime report. The incident was over the stress of finding an open parking space caused tempers to flare in the parking lot when a female student was held in her car against her will by another student who claimed she took a space that rightfully belonged to him.

3) DrDriving's Parking Rage Page


Pedesterian Rage

1). Pedestrian Psychology is part of DrDriving's driving safety page and  features safe crossing techniques, facts, Pedesterian Rage, and Pedesterian Personality Makeover, Pedesterian Aggressiveness Syndrome Scale (PASS), etc. The interest here is avoiding Pedesterian Rage by being stress free, friendly and practicing safe crossing. Below are other links related to pedesterian rage.

2). Reel Life

Reel Life is a page when there is life to report here is where you will find it! Talks about Pedesterian Rage being that there is a reason people intimidate other people trying to cross with the green walking man or at the zebra crossing. A short e-mail written like poem relating to pedesterian rage is displayed too.

Road Rage

New Book:  ROAD RAGE AND AGGRESSIVE DRIVING:   Steering Clear of Highway Warfare by Leon James and Diane Nahl (Prometheus Books, 2000). See excerpts here  ||  see what the media are saying

1). RoadRagers.com

RoadRagers.com is page intended to create a safe environment for frustrated drivers to vent their disapproval of what they witness on the streets and highways. Their motto is "Don't give in to Road Rage. Use RoadRagers.com to alleviate your anger".

2). Road Rage - Media Hype or Serious Road Safety Issue

Part of a paper by Barry J. Elliott that is published in Drivers.com examining the nature and extent of the behaviors labelled "road rage" in the media. It argues that the terminology "road rage" should not be used and that major serious forms of "road rage" should regarded as violence and assault.

3). RoadRage Toy.com

RoadRage Toy.com is a page by Rogue Hare Production that claim they have the cure for road rage. Their answer is to cure road rage with a sense of humor! Make that road trip safe, fun and entertaining! Check it out and see what can humor you.

4). Prevent Road Rage

Prevent Road Rage is part of Awesomelibrary.org page talking about tips on preventing road rage. If one is looking for protection from the road rage of others, the best protection is to stay in the car; do not respond with an angry gesture or action; and keep a "sorry" sign in the car and use it when needed. So prevent escalation.

5). Road Rage - Causes and Dangers of Aggressive Driving

Part of the US Congress Subcommittee on Surface Transportation hearing on Road Rage: Causes and Dangers of Aggressive Driving. The page provides a summary of expert testimony relating to the causes and dangers of road rage which expressing anger to other drivers on the road. The page also provides a summary of expert testimony about road rage where Dr. James testimony was one of them.


Subway Rage

1). Subway Pusher

Part of a short news article entitled "Subway Pusher Gets 25 Years to Life". The subway pusher was a mentally ill man who killed a woman by pushing her in front of a subway train was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

2). Rantings

A California girl now living in New York City talks about her transitional experiences thus far. She talks about subway rage from her perspectives and first hand experiences. She classifies subway rage as a commuter rage.


Youth Against Road Rage

1). Youth Against Road Rage (YARR)

YARR is part of another DrDriving's many rage page talking about the youth working to protect themselves and the next generation from growing up with road rage and thus having to be part of it. The "Y" sign stands for the sentiment against road rage and aggressive driving by the current youth generation. Below are two direct links about YARR featured on this page.


Traffic Psychology

Commercial Drivers

1). Commerical Drivers

A pre-paid legal services for Commercial Drivers or their spouse if charged with a criminal act due to serious traffic accident. A Commercial Drivers Legal Plan attorney will defend them in the court of original jurisdiction at no additional cost for charges like manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, and negligent homocide. Other services offered are bail bond service, and license reinstatement.

2). Commercial Driver Training, Inc.

Commercial Driver Training, Inc. is a private vocational school funded in 1961 to offer courses in professional truck, tractor trailer, and bus driving. The Commercial Driver Training's curriculum was developed to fulfill the trucking industries need for well trained highly skilled drivers.


Electronic Discussion Groups for Road Users

1). Seat Belts on Big Buses

A School Bus Driver venting his/her disagreement about the U.S. Governments plans to puch for seat belts on big bus. The author questions why there is no push for seat belts on other passenger vehicles like city buses, school buses, trains, and subways? As a result, the author posted the question on the web and now has some school bus driver's opinions on putting seat belts on their buses.

2). Idiot Driver Alert

Idiot Driver Alert is a place were people tell the world about idiot drivers they saw on the road. The site, however is closed down which means no more venting can be done. But one can still read the archives of what the other drivers had say. Check it out and see what idiot drivers are really like.


Teenaged Drivers

1). Teen New Drivers

The Teen New Drivers' Homepage, created by Ryan Buckholtz, provides useful and helpful tips for new drivers like teenagers who just received their license. The site features section tips on driving around school, driving around town, driving in country, driving in bad weather, parallel parking, to pass or not to pass, etc. Ryan also request any tips you might have for new drivers.

2). TeenDrivers.com

TeenDrivers.com is the place for parents and teens to consider the issues that face every new driver. Below are some direct links of special interest.

3). Driver Tracker

Driver Tracker is a teen driving and fleet driving safety program. Under the teen driving safety program, the Driver Tracker's objectives is to save young lives and avoid the needless injury of teen drivers and others. The site features a sobering satistics about teenaged drivers. Check it out and see what stats are provided.


Traffic Calming

1). Traffic Calming for Communities

Part of the Institute of Transportation Engineers page with financial support from the Federal Highway Administration in the interest of information exchange. Featured is the definition of Traffic Calming, its goals, objectives and calming measures, etc. Related to this site are selected reports on Traffic Calming.

2). TrafficCalming.org

TrafficCalming.org is your complete guide to traffic calming and neighborhood traffic management, and how they can be used to reduce speeds, reduce traffic volumes, and improve safety in residential neighborhoods. This site is provided as a public service to city and county public works officials, residents, motorist and anyone else interested in finding out traffic calming: What it is, where it has been done, how well it works, etc.

3). Traffic Calming Devices

Part of the Department of Public Works city of Sacremento Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning page. Talks about what are traffic calming devices, variety, and cost. Below are the list of traffic calming devices and its links.

4). Americans Against Traffic Calming (AATC)

AATC is produced in Austin, Texas and is for all Americans and the world. AATC are citizens from all walks of life putting out the call for much needed Traffic Calming Reform. The traffic calming devices which use vertical and horizontal "thrust and deviations" can have caused death, injury, pain, increased air pollution and have drastically slowed emergency response times putting everyone at risk. The site also features a variety of web sites and people supporting traffic calming reform.

Traffic Psychology

1). Traffic Psychology at the University of Hawaii

Part of DrDriving's Traffic Psychology Curriculum page. The site features a variety of compiled information and topics about Traffic Psychology which Dr. James teaches at University of Hawaii. Below are some of the direct links that Dr. James showcased.

2). Traffic Psychology

Part of DrDriving's another compilation of Traffic Psychology Topics since it origin. Below are links to some of the Traffic Psychology Topics, resources, and index found on this page.

Traffic Safety

1). AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is an organization on a mission to research why motor vehicle crashes happen and educate the public about how to avoid problems on the road. They offer useful information to everyone who uses the road.

2). Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS)

NETS is a non-profit organization fighting to reduce traffic crashes involving America's workers and their families by helping employers implement well-developed policies, dynamic workplace programs, and compelling community activities related to traffic safety. Their motto is "The Road-Wise Workforce".

3). American Institute for Public Safety (AIPS)

AIPS is an organization on a mission to save lives as well as taxpayers dollars through effective, nationwide delivery of their proprietary, proven, humor based training programs. There is also a link for the Road Rageous: Aggressive Driver Course.



1). U.S. Department of Transportation

The U.S. Department of Transportion page is the complete guide to all the news, happenings, Federal Transportation Organizations, and rules and regulations about transportation. The U.S. Department of Transportation plays a vital role in making safety their top priority. Below are some of the transportation links at this page.

2). State of Hawaii Department of Transportation

The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation mission is to facilitate the reliable, safe, and economical movement of people and goods into, within, and out of the State by providing and operating transportation facilities and supporting services. There are three divisions of Hawaii DOT: Airports, Harbors and Highways.


Trucking Safety

1). Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the newest part of the U.S. DOT Federal Transportation Organizations. It's primary mission is to prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries. Their activities contribute to ensuring safety in motor carrier operations through strong enforcement of safety regulations, targeting high-risk carriers and commercial motor vehicle drivers, and increasing safety awareness, etc.

2). Advocates: Truck Safety Issues

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety is an alliance consumer, helth, and safety groups and insurance companies and agents working together to make America's roads safer. The Trucking Safety issues talked about were Anti-lock brakes, cab safety, commercial drivers license, and truck tires, etc.

3). DrDriving's Trucking Safety Page

Part of DrDriving's DriverConnected.com page. Talks about the DrDriving's Aggressive Driving Prevention Training for Professional Drivers. The site features numerous information about Truckers and trucking safety.

4). Don't Hang Out in the No-Zone

A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration campaign to educate people about how to share the road safely with large trucks and buses. Their motto is "Help Promote Wreck Less Driving". Check out the cool links and resources.

5). Road Exits and Stops for Truckers--Online service

Get Your Information on the Road Again. Travelling down Highway 40 in your big old pickup truck? Check out EXitSource at http://www.exitcoupons.com/ for information on what's available on the Interstate. From the main screen, choose either a state or a highway. For example, you could pick Wyoming, then pick I-90.  EXitSource will present you with a list of exits off that highway, where they are, and a table of what's available at each exit (attractions, food, medical attention, etc.) Clicking on the location of the exit gives you a more detailed view of the exit. For example, exit 20 over I-90 has a K-Mart, Subway, Hut, and Wyoming Port of Entry, among other things. This is an excellent way to help plan a trip, but before you visit this site make sure your cookies are turned on. Otherwise it won't work.


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