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The National Speed Limit Debate

Perhaps the hottest issue in cyberspace in relation to driving is speeding and safety. Ready for our next stop? Since driving in cyberspace is done with your mouse, let's click our way to a site kept up by drivers who want to warn each other about "speed traps" around the country.

Traffic Engineering Council Update Volume 2 -- Issue 2

Speed study that examines design and posted speed. This article first appeared in the Texas Transportation Researcher (Vol. 31, No. 4)

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Reasonable Drivers Unanimous

This Web Site announces itself as "The page for more reasonable traffic laws. Laws that will actually promote safety and smoother traffic flow. Laws that are set by traffic engineers and not bureaucrats."

The Art of Driving

How to set your mirrors; The seven sensible signals for drivers; Defensive winter driving tips; The Driving Adventures Page; Mine, others and your driving stories; Driving tips from the truckers viewpoint.

Highway 17 Page of Shame

More Cool Links to Explore

MAADA Museum Exhibit--American Automobile Industry Turns 100

"November 20, 1893: Edsel Ford is born. In 1896 the Duryea brothers built, advertised and sold a"production run" of 13 matching Motor Wagons. This sparked a revolution in the transportation in the U.S., offering Americans rapid mobility for the first time. Convenient movement of people, goods and services profoundly shaped the American culture and lifestyle of the 20th century."

"One in seven jobs in America is related to the automotiveindustry," American Automotive Centenial CommissionPresident Jeff Smith said, "and almost every individual in every community in the U.S. is impacted in some way by this dynamic industry which, more than any other, has built our nation. This is an important milestone, and we want to make it one of the most memorable anniversaries in our nation's history."

ERGOWEB: Older people, driving and new technology

Older people, driving and new technology. Judith Sixsmith and Andrew Sixsmith. Applied Ergonomics 1993, 24 (1), 40-43. Abstract.

Two Assemblies Held on Drunk Driving By Grey Baker. During September, two special assemblies discussing the risks of teenage drinking and driving


The Two Lane Highway: The big concern on a two lane highway is traffic barreling straight at you at high speeds.

Research on Drinking and Driving--MADD- Mothers Against Drunk Driving

The mission of MADD is to stop drunk driving and to support victims of this violent crime. MADD tends to this mission.

Knowing Your Limit: Drinking by the Numbers can Underestimate Impairment. All you had were a couple beers, but you still feel pretty smashed.

Car Driving Simulator

This page details the efforts in constructing it.

Diabetes and Driving

It's the person with diabetes' worst nightmare. You are driving in your car and you experience a reaction, losing control.

Answer the multiple choice questions and win yourself a prize.

Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists (CATAIR)

Founded in 1984, it's a professional organization of accident investigators, reconstructionists and others involved in all aspects of road safety.

Teenvue: A Teenage Driver Safety Program

System offered throughout the U.S. for reporting teens' bad (or good) driving through the anonymity of the Teenvue program. See also National GRADD

Driver support by VETA

VETA is a Swedish acronym for Science and Experience in Traffic Safety Work. Articles on ABS, risk compensation.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Articles and statistics on safety issues such as drugs and driving, laws and regulations, pedestrians, speed limits, vehicle safety features, crash reports.

Highway Loss Data Institute.

Related to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Articles about losses through collisions, injuries, theft of autos.

The Truck Safety Page

Presented by Technical Services, Vancouver, WA.

18 Wheels On The Web: What they never teach us in Drivers' Education

Trucking/Automobile Driver Safety topics.

Situational Awareness Planner

For Implementing Effective Navigation in Traffic.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

Millions of drivers are familiar with this organization, but now it's also online.

Listing of State Departments of Transportation Internet site WWW links.

Useful for information and research.

The Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE)

Recognized by state and local government agencies as a leading resource in transportation research and technical assistance.

Details of Conference on Traffic Psychology

At Valencia, Spain, call for papers, IAAP Traffic and Transport Division, information about topics, organizers, e-mail address for information.

Police Driving Tips--Glynn Griffin's Driving Pages

Comprehensive Guide to Transportation Resources on the Net

Maintained by the Intelligent Transportation Systems Program at Princeton University.

Net of Information Re: Trucks

Publications, associations, truck law, GPS, trucker links, truckers store, radio, TV programs, directories, trucks for sale, etc.

National Motorists Association.

Exists since 1982. Describes itself as "the only organization in North America striving to stop the exploitation of motorists." Big issue is speed limits.

The American Driver Traffic Safety Safety Education Association

"Founded in 1956 under the auspices of the National Education Association. It represents professional driver and traffic safety educators at a national level by offering a national office, monitoring events at a national level, liaising with the media, providing informational resources, hosting a national conference and regional meetings, and providing administrative services for the National Student Safety Program."

The Traffic Institute

A national non-profit organization which serves public agencies responsible for law enforcement, criminal justice, public safety, traffic management, and highway transportation systems. Local, county, state and federal government agencies, as well as agencies from foreign countries, are served through programs of specialized training, continuing education, research and development, publications, and direct assistance.

Ask Mr. Traffic

A California Comedy Traffic School teacher and noted call-in television host, offers tips and information on various aspects of driving, from drowsiness to fighting tickets and insurance. You'll find excellent resources on all aspects of safety and traffic at his up-to date Cool Links Page.


Useful Links for Driving and Traffic Psychology

The Speedtrap Bible v1.7
Tigress's Lair
Car and Driver
"The Driving Therapist"
COPNet & Police Resource List
Police Resource List - Traffic
Traffic Engineering - What - Why - How
Traffic Engineering Council Update Volume 2 Issue 2
Traffic Research : Additional Information
Chrysler Without A Conscience
Test Pilot
"Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation"
Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
Car Accident Family Web Site
Guide to the Information Highway
Hwy 17 Page Of Shame
Internet Sources in Transportation - Mailing lists & listservs
Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
Montgomery County, MD Public Works & Transportation
National Motorists Association Home Page
NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NMA's Motorist Issues
Points - The Traffic Ticket Specialists
Richard C. Moeur - Traffic Stuf
Search the National Transportation Library
Transportation Resources - Airports and Airlines
Universal Driver Training
University of Albany Resources on Aggressive Driving

  • Traffic Psychology Reports on these topics:
  • Driving & Aggression: An Examination of Driving Behavior
  • Influence on the Driving Performance and Behavior:Factors that affect me
  • The Stereotypes of Women Drivers: From male conducted research and analysis from my perspective
  • A Self-Monitoring Project for Modifying Driving Speed
  • My Self Witnessing Experiment On Driving the Speed Limit
  • Driving Behavior of Adolescents
    • Risky behavior/Sensation Seeking
    • Egocentrism Fitting in/ Insecruities in Adolescence
    • College Students are More Responsible
    • Driving Under The Influence -- Preventions

  • a href="http://phoenix.webfirst.com/aaa/Text/NCTS.htm">AAA Foundation Clearinghouse on Traffic Safety on the Internet
  • Database of Unsafe Driving (DUDs) - let the world know what a jerk he or she is. Put the licence number up for the world to see. Register a dangerous driver as a D.U.D.
  • Road Rage - from the Traffic Safety Information Village.
  • The Road: Complaints of traffic jam on Highway 7
  • Traffic: Interesting phenomena of the dynamic of vehicular traffic

Children's Self-Witnessing in Cars

Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program: Annotated Bibliography and Research Collection



American Institute for Public Safety

Defensive Driving School

Detecting Drunk Drivers

Drinking and Driving

Information about DWI

Online License Study Guide

RoadRageous Video Course

Take Bite out of Gasoline Hikes


Top Driver

Traffic Safety Information Village

What Every Driver Must Know

Driver Education Menu of Web Locations and Resources

Welcome to BSM

QDCs -- Quality Driving Circles

Managing a Quality Driving Circle 

Leading a Quality Driving Circle

Quality Driving Circles -- My Experience

Being a Driving-Buddy


Traffic Convoys, Dynamics 

Driving in Convoys

Beatty's Fascinating Discovery of Traffic Waves


C. Flores--How Drivers Communicate With Each Other: Signs and Signals

J. Kimura--Collecting Data On Driver Communication

T. Hashimoto--How Drivers Communicate--An Analysis

N. Saopeng--My Observations on How Drivers Communicate

B. Rodriguez--Collecting Data on How Drivers Communicate with Each Other: By Observing Others You Will Learn About Yourself

D. Salima--How Drivers Communicate: My Observations

J. Nakasone--How Drivers Communicate: Opening Your Eyes

D. Telles--How Drivers Communicate: From Honking to Swearing

I. Yang--Collecting data on How Drivers Communicate

K. Subia--How Drivers Communicate With Each Other

I. Barrineau--Review on How Drivers Communicate: Getting the Signals Right

AAA Foundation List of Signals Drivers Use


The Stereotypes of Women Drivers: From male conducted research and analysis from my perspective

Stereotype of Women Drivers

Driving -- Gender Stereotypes

Student Reports on Gender Differences Among Drivers

Chris Chu--Gender Differences in Driving: Does Gender Really Make A Difference?

F. Finta--Gender Differences in Driving: True or False?

C. Kawamura--Is There a Gender Difference in Driving?

J. Nakasone--Gender differences: Make your own observations

W. Tagomori--Does Sex Matter in Driving?

I. Yang--Gender Differences in Driving: Not Easy to Prove

F. Ankrom--Male/Female Stress Levels and Driving Behavior: A Questionnaire and Results from My Experiment



Is the Automobile An Immoral Means of Transportation

Tailgating Behavior: Fair or Unfair?

What are a Tailgater's Thoughts and Feelings?

Dr. Driving's Three-Step Program to Virtuous Driving

Speeding: Is it a moral issue? 

Aggression, Altruism, Moral Education

Tailgating: Is it moral?

Is there a Moral Crisis in Driving Attitudes?

Moral Crisis: Crashing and Burning or a Sunday Cruise

Moral and Spiritual Dimensions of Traffic

Private World of the Driver (article)

Reformed Driver


C. J'Anthony--How Music Affects Drivers: Research on Physiology and Temperament

S. Ganahl--Music and Driving

S. Lopez--Research on How Music Affects Drivers, Including Me

J. Takiue--Driving and the Psychology of Music

T. Nakamatsu--Music and Driving: Boom Boom to Doom

T. Oba--How Music Affects Drivers: Music to Drive By

D. Stone-Webb--Music and Drivers: Driving to Different Beats of the Drum



Adolescents At Risk: How The Aggressive Behavior Of Speeding Can Kill

Driver Attitudes Perpetuated by Electronic Newsgroups by Mr. Sumiye

A Review of Road Rage Stories in Newsgroups for Drivers

Driver Psychology in Newsgroups Discussions by Mr. Petersen

Driver Psychology in Newsgroups Discussions by Mr. Oba

What City has the Worst Drivers in Newsgroups by Mr. Suguitan

Newsgroups Drivers Poke Fun at Road Rage by Ms. Young

Newsgroups Discuss the Types of Drivers by Ms. Tabios

Female Drivers in Newsgroups

Cyclists, Elderly Drivers and More on Complaints in Newsgroups

Backing out of Road Rage: Advice from Drivers in Newsgroups

Road Rage: Causes and Analyses by Drivers Online

Road Rage Stories From Around the World

How Widespread is Road Rage--A Newsgroups Commentary

An Analysis of Road Rage on Newsgroups

Aggressive Driving Talk on Newsgroups

A Review of Road Rage Stories in Newsgroups for Drivers by Mr. Nakamatsu, G8

Backing out of Road Rage: Advice from Drivers in Newsgroups by Ms. Naranjo, G8

Road Rage in Newsgroups: Causes and Analyses by Mr. Nakagawa, G8

Road Rage Stories From Around the World by Mr. Nakamura, G8

How Widespread is Road Rage--A Newsgroups Commentary by Ms. Stone-Web, G8

An Analysis of Road Rage on Newsgroups by Ms. Welicky

Aggressive Driving Talk on Newsgroups by Mr. Yuen

Female Drivers in Newsgroups by Ms. Ishikawa

Cyclists, Elderly Drivers and More on Complaints in Newsgroups by Mr. Kaneshiro

Driver Psychology in Newsgroups Discussions by Mr. Petersen

Driver Psychology in Newsgroups Discussions by Mr. Oba

What City has the Worst Drivers in Newsgroups by Mr. Suguitan

Newsgroups Discuss the Types of Drivers by Ms. Tabios

Newsgroups Drivers Poke Fun at Road Rage by Ms. Young

Newsgroups Reveal Drivers with Bad Manners by Ms. DelaCruz

Newsgroups Discuss Mothers and Road Rage by Ms. Barrineau

Analyzing Student Reports on their Road Rage Observations by Ms. DeRisize="3io

Women Drivers and Road Rage in Newsgroups by Ms. DeRisize="3io

Is Road Rage Just Immaturity in Newsgroups ? by Ms. Hattori

Newsgroups Drivers Speak on Preventing Road Rage by Ms. Lumabao

Mad Maxine Syndrome in Newsgroups by Mr. Silva

Newsgroups: Drivers vs. Cyclists by Mr. Thomson

Factors Influencing Aggression on the Road

Driving and Aggression: An Examination of Driving Behavior

Aggressiveness of the Road: Driver Behavior in Freeway Traffic

Psychological and Physical Causes of Driver Aggression

Death on the Road: A Study in Social Violence

Aggressiveness on the Road: Speeding

Aggressiveness on the Road: Driver Behavior

Hostility and aggression

Aggression on the Road: Bitterness on the Bus  

Driving Behavior -- Literature Review on Aggressiveness

Portrayals of Driving Behavior on TV (1)

Portrayals of Driving Behavior on TV (2)  

Speeding as a Form of Aggressiveness  

Competition at the Spotlight

Traffic Violence--Self-Report

Driver Attitudes Expressed in Newsgroups: Flamers, Mockers, Regulars, and Wagoners 

Explanation of Aggressive Behavior on the Bus

Aggression on the road: A factual and observational analysis

Aggressiveness of the Road: Driver Behavior in Freeway Traffic Congestion

The misunderstanding and mishandling of anger: The heat of aggression

Aggressiveness of the Road: Driver Behavior

Road Rage and Aggressive Driving Burn Brightly Through Newsgroup Messages

Driver Attitudes in Driving Newsgroups

Letting Out the Anger in Driving Newsgroups

Different Attitudes Towards Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

Group Dynamics and Emotional Content of Newsgroups for Drivers

Managing A Quality Driving Circle: Resolving Road Rage

Poem: Road Rage

Driver Aggression: The role of personality, social characteristics, risk and motivation




Behavioral Self-Witnessing Methodology in Traffic

Self-Witnessing Report of My Thoughts and Feelings Behind the Wheel

Self-Witnessing and the Understanding of Traffic Psychology

How Pedestrians Crossing in Front of My Car Affects My Aggression--A Self-Witnessing Report

Children's Self-Witnessing in Cars

Driving -- Driver Education Issues

Self-assessment as a Driver

Self-Witnessing in Driving

Personality Correlates of Driver Stress

Driving Personality Makeover

My Personality in Traffic: An Eclectic Approach to Behavior Modification:

Annotated Bibliography Of My Personality In Traffic

The Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Driving

Feelings in Traffic

Engineering a Driving Personality Makeover

Claudia Kaneshiro: Driving personality makeover plan

C. Kawamura--Driving Personality Makeover: Is it for Me?

C. Flores--Definitions of Traffic Psychology: What A Driver Knows

T. Hashimoto--Driving Personality Makeover Techniques

J. Manibusan--My Experiences as Driver, Passenger, Cyclist, and Pedestrian

J. Humphreys--Moral Implications of Tailgating

K. Kaneshiro--Driving Psychology Facts

K. Kaneshiro--Speed Limit Debate

J. Kimura--Tailgating: Is it Fair?

J. Lee--Definitions of Traffic Psychology

A. Libed--Extreme Traffic Psychology: How Do I stack Up?

B. Rodriguez--Tailgating

B. Rodriguez--Everybody Needs Traffic Psychology

N. Saopeng--Tailgating: What Everyone Needs to Know

B. Suetsugu--Driving Topics for Driver Alert Magazine

S. Weers--The Speed Limit Debate: Hihger Speed Limits Can be Safe

C. Eguchi--Tailgating: What and Why

S. Ginoza--What is Traffic Psychology: A Generational Look

J. Nakasone--Definitions of Traffic Psychology

G. Pederson--Portrayals of Driving Behavior on TV: Good or Bad? Don't Believe the Hype

D. Salima--Portrayals of Driving Behavior on TV -- Good or Bad?

B. Jambaro--Speed Limits: How I stand

B. Jambaro--Definitions of Traffic Psychology and Me

J. Lee--Definitions of Traffic Psychology

J. Lee--Being a Driving Buddy: What It's Like for Two Days

T. Nakamatsu--Tailgating: Legal, Ethical, Moral, and Spiritual Issues

T. Oba--The Second Issue of Driver Alert Magazine

D. Stone-Webb--Being a Driving Buddy: The Test of Pride

D. Stone-Webb--DWI Activism in Cyberspace: Advocates Against the Socially Unacceptable

W. Tagomori--Quality Driving Circles (QDCs): Seeing is Believing

D. Telles--Tailgating Behavior: To Gate or Not To Gate, That Is The Question

D. Telles--Driving Personality Makeovers: Should I Let Them Cut In?

C. Yee-Being A Driving Buddy, Not A Backseat Driver

D. Telles--Driving Buddy: Teaching A New Driver

C. Yee--Speed Limit debate: How I stand

C. Yee--Definitions on Traffic Psychology: What Every Driver Should Know!

J. Nakasone--Tailgating Behavior: Just Talking Story

F. Yonamine--Two Days of Being a Driving Buddy

E. Libarios--Annotated Bibliography for My Personality in Traffic: A Review of Some of the Literature on Driving

S. Fendel--Aggressiveness on the road: a Review of the Literature and My Own Observations

S. Kim--Annotated Review of the Literature on Aggressive Drivers

J. Henrickson--My Observations on How Drivers Signal: Time of Day and Day of the Week Effects

I. Bocobo--Why Drivers are Aggressive: A Review of the Literature, a Theory, and Some Empirical Observations

L. Shiroma--Adolescents at Risk: Driving, Sensation Seeking, and Drinking

V. Adachi--A Brief Statement About My Driving Personality Makeover Need

L. rogers--Annotated Bibliography for My Personality in Driving: Anxiety and Aggression

J. Toguchi--Conflicts Upon the Waves: Measuring the Aggressiveness of Surfers

D. Stetler--Applied Traffic Psychology: Noise Pollution, Motor Vehicles, and the Quality of Life

Aggression Between the Diver and the Biker

Jae Isa: Car phobia
Michelle Ota: Changed personality behind the wheel
Shane Akagi: Suffering from Schizophrenia
Abraham Cabuag: I can't stop changing lanes impulsively
Christine Huisman: I don't mind threatening pedestrians when they're too slow
Darin Kawamoto: I can't stop having violent thoughts about other drivers
Jeana Chen: I can't stop running stop signs and lights
Sherman Lee: I am too tense in traffic and can't enjoy driving
Causes of speeding: Why do people speed? 
Why do speeders love to wear shades at night?
Tailgating: Too close!!
Back seat driver?!
My definition of driving personality makeover plan
Ways to make self-observations in traffic
Tape-recording while driving
Keeping a journal after each traffic trip
My problem in traffic--Implications for Traffic Psychology
My physiological reactions in traffic
My thoughts in traffic
Affective self: My emotions in traffic
My resistance to specific things in traffic
My methods of collecting data in my traffic observation
Type A Behavior Pattern and Motor Vehicle Driver's Behavior
Driver self-assessment
Driving the Speed Limit
Driving Confessions -- Read others' and leave your own...

See also  Tillmann and Hobbs on Personality of Driver and Accident Proneness


Driving Passion: The Psychology of the Car


Drunk Driving

Drunk Drivers

Drunk Driving: A Deadly Mixture

The Contractual License: An Effective Solution to Drunk Driving

Drinking and Driving Literature reviews Aggressive driving Literature reviews


Traffic Psychology Principles
What Traffic Psychology Can Do for You Driving -- Public Image Campaigns
Taxonomy of Driver Behaviors
What is Traffic Psychology?
Letitia Lujan's Index on Traffic Psychology
Sharla Supnet's Traffic Psychology Index
Alan Furukawa's Index in Traffic Psychology
Topics in USENET Newsgroups

Traffic Psychology in Other Places
 Driving -- Traffic Psychology Principles
Driving -- Traffic Psychology Resources
Literature Reviews on Traffic Psychology Topics


Traffic Safety and the Driver: Human Factors in Traffic Accidents

Driving -- Traffic Safety Issues

Oahu Traffic Safety Council Handout

Road Rage (from the Traffic Safety Information Village.)

What turns motorists into beeping monsters when they get behind the wheel? (from the San Jose Mercury News.)

Road Rage Quiz

AAA Foundation Clearinghouse on Traffic Safety on the Internet

Road Rage: On the Rise, AAA Foundation Reports

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety (nonprofit research and education organization.)

Advice on Road Rage and Hassle-Free Driving

Driving -- Radio Spot Announcements

Pedestrian Behavior

Aggressive Driving and Road Rage--Dealing with Emotionally Impaired Drivers.

Aggressive Driving: Three Studies (from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.)

All Things Considered: Commuting Series (three-part report in RealAudio, from May, 1997.)

Database of Unsafe Driving (DUDs)

Morning Edition: Living With Road Rage - Jul 24, (in RealAudio.)

University of Hawaii  Traffic Psychology Student Reports

Dr. Leon James, Professor

Related Links for Driving and Traffic Psychology


University of Albany Resources on Aggressive Driving

Topics Recommended by DrDriving
Aggression, Driving Psychology, Tailgating, Driving Personality Makeover, Speeding, and more



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