Hamilton Library 2004 Flood

A flash flood ripped through Manoa valley on October 30, 2004 and annihilated the ground floor of the University of Hawaii at Manoa Hamilton library. The flood destroyed the Library & Information Science program, the acquisitions department, the map collection, the Government Documents federal repository, and all the library file servers.

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10 Minutes How Long? Ground Floor Maile Way Maile Way Cars Maile Way Cars II
Car on Median Waterline on car Maile Way II Tapa in tree LIS Department LIS Department II
LIS Department III Window of Opportunity Peter's chair Peter's Chair II Metal Cart Fishery Market News April 1945
Annual Business Meeting Notes Muddy Map Gateway LCD Monitor Carts Sink hole Boulder
Dumpsters on Maile Way Motorcycle in muck Wet garbage Hamilton Library Plumeria and extinguisher Moved
Mud Mud II Loraine & Rebecca Knuth Student Files Kevin with Dewey books Dewey Books
Dewey or don't we? Survivor: Hamilton Library Survivor: Hamilton Library II New entrance Rescuing documents from the LIS office Office 001
Chair and wall Office 017 Office 002 Spelunking for hidden treasure Office 003 Alcove Ceiling I
Alcove Ceiling II Office 004 Office 005 Broken wall Office 006 Office 007
Reading Room Back Office 011 Office 012 Office 013 Office 014 Office 008
Office 015 Office 009 Office 016 No more stairway to heaven LIS student volunteers Student volunteers II
Office 018 Recovery Volunteers Miracle Laptop Miracle Laptop II Volcano Joe's Volcano Joe's II
Marta's Car Behind Bilger Hall Drying in the stairwell Muddy corridor Books don't swim One of the fallen Freezing the maps
Tired staff & volunteers Dirty PCs Dawn of the dead PCs PC Graveyard Hard drives I want you... to help clean!
GovDocs no more "The needs of the many outweight the needs of the few" Elevator doors Dryers in sci/tech Washing some dirty pictures Hanging them out to dry
Hanging them out to dry II Sump pump? Office Files I Office Files II Office Files III

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