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Budget Rent-A-Car Hawaii Car Show, Honolulu, February 1997
Displays DrDriving's Tips and Slogans




Practicing patience in the car
Will ease your mind and take you far.


Drive smart,
Put a smile in your heart.


Ask yourself if it's right for you to tailgate.
How do you feel when someone tailgates you?
Mahalo for slowing down and backing off.


They made a mistake?
Give them a break!


Listen in on your thinking behind the wheel.
Do you fuss and cuss and make a big deal?
That's unhealthy for your body and mind.
Drive with Aloha toward all humankind.


Do you feel locked into traffic, unable to move?
Worried you'll go crazy if you can't get out of it?
Try some quick mood changers:

* start singing

* make silly animal sounds

* listen to music that calms you

* tune in to talk radio

* put a talking book in your tape player

* enjoy a moment to yourself

* mentally plan a vacation trip

* look around and enjoy the scene

* become one with the traffic flow

* count your blessings


Just go with the flow
No matter how slow


Drive with Aloha Spirit.
Let someone go ahead.


Keep children safe in cars.
Always fasten their seatbelts.
Always use carseats securely in place in the back seat.


Rushing, tailgating, and lane hopping?
Relax and play follow the leader,
Resist the urge to be an impatient speeder.


Enjoy the journey.
If another driver bothers you,
Get out of the way. Be smart,
Turn down challenges.
Set a good example.
Don't try to teach other drivers a lesson.


Make it a safe trip.
Keep a cool head, an alert eye, and a steady hand.


You're in traffic -- driving like a maniac.
You moan and groan -- are you anger prone?
Give up your bad mood -- it's no fun to be rude.
Take things in stride -- enjoy the ride.


Take it easy, why drive yourself crazy?
Keep peace in the car and on the road.


You can learn to love traffic.
Enjoy the journey. It's part of your life.


Treat other drivers
As you'd want them to treat your son or daughter.
Mahalo for your kokua on the road.


Frustrated? Upset? Angry?
Quick -- make silly animal sounds.
They'll help you calm down.


Think bad, feel bad, be bad.
Think nice, feel nice, be nice.
It's your choice!


Don't fight -- Drive right.
Don't compete -- Just follow along.
Don't do wrong -- Sing a song!
Don't swear -- Learn to care!


Safe Stopping Distance Means

Keeping One Car Length Apart for Every 10 m.p.h.

The currently preferred alternative to this is the three-second rule--count the seconds off that it takes to reach the same pole position as the car ahead of you.


How close is the car in front of you?
It must be at least one car length
For every 10 miles per hour of your speed.
That's the only way to avoid a collision.


The driver of this car
is dedicated to non-violence


Avoid win-lose situations.
Look out for win-win opportunities.
Help other drivers along the way.


Avoid the hassle of left lane driving
Because that's where road rage is thriving.


Have you tried the right lane lately?
It's nice and relaxing.


Try life in the right lane
It's slower, safer, smarter, nicer


Don't let your bad mood do the driving.
Think kind thoughts and
Drive with Aloha in your heart.


Reason with yourself: Anger is unhealthy
Forgive and live!


Don't think of it as being cut off.
Think of it as helping someone in trouble.


You don't feel like being nice?
Just act as-if you are -- and you will be.


Preserve the spirit of community
Give a courtesy wave to reward civility


Does it seem like the other lane is always faster?
Be safe and stay in your lane
You'll get there just as quick.


Hey, car lovers!
Respect one another.


Go ahead, make your day
Be a nice driver all the way


You're in Hawaii -- relax!
It's time for vacation driving
Hassle-free driving
Aloha Spirit driving


Let someone go ahead of you.
Brake for people on foot.
Avoid blocking the passing lane.
Resist following too close.
Make a full stop when required.
Go slow around the bend.
Signal ahead of time.
Do these things and you're a good driver.


Driving defensively is smart.
Driving altruistically is even smarter.


Careless driving is bad.
Defensive driving is better.
Aloha Spirit driving is best.


Drive under the influence of awareness
It may save a life


How much are you driving over the speed limit right now?
Is it safe to do that?


Do you see someone driving at the speed limit?
They're doing a good thing.
They're saving lives.


Did you know that most traffic accidents are caused by driver error?
Please watch out and be alert.


Do you feel frustrated in traffic?
Are you impatient?
Take a deep breath
There's time to slow down.


Is your radio playing very loud?
Have a heart and be considerate of your neighbors on the road.


Last year more than 40,000 Americans died in traffic accidents.
Almost 4 million people were seriously injured on the road.
Don't take risks! Protect each other.


Did you know that 25% of the children who die between ages 5 to 14, die in traffic accidents?
Please watch out for keiki.


People are walking up ahead.
Approaching fast is threatening to them.
Be gentle and your car will be too.



Are you having negative thoughts about another driver?
Do you feel justified that you're "in the right"?
Then you're in a state of road rage!


To back out of road rage start singing
Or making silly animal sounds.
Then give yourself pep talks about:
Human rights, noble feelings, smarter choices.
Acceptance of diversity, forgiveness, giving people greater latitude.
Think like an Aloha Spirit driver, and you'll act like one!


Anger released is anger increased.
Anger transformed is anger dissolved.
Anger and indignation weaken your immune system and your heart.
Tolerance and humor diffuse anger, reduce stress, and keep you alert.
You can make smarter choices and enjoy hassle-free, safer, more pleasant rides
And feel part of the community of drivers.

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