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Has your driving behavior changed since the September 11 attack and anthrax scares?
Describe how the September 11 attack has affected you.

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November 2001


i was sad


9-11 was a day which opened my eyes, my heart, my mind... that day allowed me to see that the United States is not invincible and that there are countries which will try to harm us, take over us (some day)... and they have succeeded in their first efforts... they have killed Americans, broke the hearts of so many others... they have sent our loved ones into yet another battle, they have scared a nation by making us see that we can be broken (if even "momentarily"). The tragic event also brought Americans together, every person with some warmth in their hearts has tried to do something in support of the injured people, the left behind loved ones... the many servicemen that were killed while trying to save lives... even the police dogs have supporters...

The day will last in our minds for a lifetime as a day that brought us down, and froze us in time momentarily, yet ironically created a kindness among all people and a gathering of all hands in order to stay strong... Yet, we are staying strong without some Americans... Americans of ethnic decent which now scares us. We in turn have scared them, forced them in doors... brought their heads down (when America is supposed to make you proud to walk with your head held high). I know that within the college campuses there is an increase in racial discrimination against Middle Eastern cultures... most of these men and women have come here to escape what we recently encountered... they are here because America is offering them something, whether freedom, education, personal enlightenment, etc... they felt America was a place which they would be happy, and now when they too feel hurt and betrayed due to what has happened in the US, "we" turn our backs on them...

The racial tension, the miscommunication and misunderstandings, the violence... it seems that even after the tragedies we were faced with a great deal of misdirected hate still exists, "we" still seem to remember only that "we" are this amazing power of the world," which I am scared may not be the case... The terrorist attacks have led us to hate and hurt innocent people in the name of "The War Against Terrorism" yet isn't that why we declared war in the first place, because so many innocent American lives were taken in the events of 9-11... Again, recognizing ourselves as some higher power, "we" gave ourselves permission to kill many innocent people in the name of our country...

YES I do feel that we need to protect ourselves and our country, but is it rational to kill innocent people because it is so important to take immediate action rather than taking the time to more carefully target the people that want to cause America more pain and suffering? The events have made me very confused and quite emotional... I personally experienced no losses, but the pain I felt and still feel everyday for what happened on 9-11 will never erase my mind... I am now at an age that I can understand the personal pain an American can feel for their country when they themselves are "untouched" and that I am not invincible and as much as my country tries to protect me, there is always a chance that we may be injured again... God Bless America and the families who were personally stuck by the tragedy of 9-11 and the days that have followed...and for their pain and suffering they will carry for a lifetime...

Agree we should be more rational

American people are good, American foreign policy is very bad. I felt fine. (I am Canadian)

Anger, fear, vengeful, concerned

Angry,sad, and confused about the solution to the problem!!!!!

Anxiety about the future; powerlessness. Both are connected to the US response to the event (and the consequences it will have) far more than to the event itself. Discouragement about the stupidity of so many people, and the evil of the people so eager to manipulate them. And about the unwillingness of even apparently unstupid people to learn, to consider consequences of actions, to examine contributing causes of events -- to *look for solutions to problems*. Again, I'm not talking about bin Laden

At first dis-believe, but after that I felt like the people that are resonsible for their actions need to be held responsbile, no matter what needs to be done. We will win at the end

At first really sad, for a few hours. Then very angry. I was never really afraid of going to war, but don't want to. I am very angry at the people who are saying "give peace a chance", didn't they see the people jumping from the 90th floor holding each other. we can't let this go. If we do then we show that we are accepting terrorism. Terrorist attacks on england are never heard about because they're used to it

Brought back up PTSD and nightmares. Hopeless thoughts. Keeps me focused on not spreading hate yet I am fearful living in a foreign land at this time being an american

Care about the people who were not found and the families that have no closure. I am not afraid, for myself or my family members

Constant dread

Deeply saddened me. Restored faith in the American resolve

Disappointed that America, in spite of the numerous warnings and precedents, was caught unaware by the attackers. Severely disappointed we didn't get this guy when given the chance on numerous previous occasions. Angry with those who won't or can't see this has been brewing for decades and we knew about it

Do what has to be done. Don't be pushed around

Every man, woman and child was in effect involuntarily drafted into the civilian military. There is a new awareness responsibility to evaluate unusual circumstances and call authorities if there are any doubts or warranted suspicians

Extreme sadness

Greatly, because I work at the Pentagon. It was a very scary event that no one can ever forget

Hardly at all. The terrorists want to accomplish their objectives, regardless of what their objectives are, by sowing terror. If I become terrorised, they win. If I refuse to be upset and I don't change my life, I am denying the terrorists their goal and they lose. This doesn't mean I don't feel compassion for the victims, and if I am ever in a position to help someone I will certainly share my compassion




I am in the military so it pissed me off to see our nation's innocent people being killed for no apparent reason

I am sad for those who have lost their lives, and for those who lost love ones. I am somewhat fearful for the future of my children, but have complete faith that justice will be served

I do think about it, and even worry about what comes next

I feel like the world will never be the same again and that our freedom is threatened. At the moment I am constantly thinking about what the next act of terrorism will be and our responses to it. Now that this has started it is hard to imagine it ever coming to an end

I feel like we ought to do what the president is doing now to show terrorists that we wont tollerate it again. I feel sad for the families of the people that died in that tragic way. It has also reminded me that we never know when we might loose a loved one, and to cherish each moment we have with them

I feel really bad about the lose of all those people. There are now alot of families that are experenicing sadness in their everyday lives because of these Devil People terrorist. I hope we can get rid of all the terrorist and the people responsible will get there payback with death. America is strong and we will WIN!

I feel saddened with man's inhumanity to man. Saddened by the unnecessary acts of violence which have devastated so many lives - all over man's misconception of what God is all about

I feel sorrow for the victims but I do not think we should seek vengence, because violence is not an answer to anything

I felt enormous sadness and hurt for those who lost so much and for the many lives, hopes, and promising futures that were cut so tragically short. I did not know any of them personally but I felt I needed to know who they were so that I myself did not know them as merely a number. So I read the NYTimes memorial vignettes each day and think about who they were and who they might have been and I grieve for them

I felt exceptionally sad for the families and friends of the victims involved

I felt terrible for all the people who where directly affected by this abysmal event

I felt very sad for all of those who died senselessly

I have a stronger fear of something happening to a my children. I feel sorrow for the loss of freedoms we don't have anymore. For example going to work and feeling safe. But none of this has impacted my daily routines or made me feel any differently emotionally. By thst I mean I do not cry more or feel more anger daily

I have been feeling jittery, sad, angry and panicked. I keep wondering if I should be stockpiling supplies in case of an attack, so that my family will be safe. I guess I have been feeling hopeless,too

I have developed a deep distrust of Islam

I have lost a sense of safety and become more depressed than usual

I haven't been the same... so much anger towards the people that did this, but it's not the way to solve things. Because of it alot of pent up emotion has effected my sleep patterns and just overall the way I think and react to life in whole

I hope that those people that caused the attack get what they deserve. I'm hoping that the we completely destroy their countries

I live in a remote part of the country, but the attack still scares me. I do not know anyone who was killed in the attacks, but I worry about my safety and the safety of other innocent people a lot of the time. I am less trusting and more jumpy since September 11

I saw the whole thing on tv and was late for work. I left after the second building fell. I got to where I was temping at and the parking lot was vacant. I walked 6 blocks to the Arco Towers in Los Angeles, past blocked entrances, past security, up to the 42nd Floor, past a sign on the door that said, "Office Closed, Check your voice mail for further details", to the cubical I was to fill in at. I turned on my computer and noticed the place was dark and no one was there. The I saw a supervisor who told me they had closed. When I was walking down the hall towards the elevators I felt very uncomfortable and was glad I was leaving. I stopped at a coffee place on the way back to my car and a woman and I talked estimating if Downtown L.A. would be a target. Then I drove home to more News. Now on 10/17, I am interested in getting home to put the news on to remind myself of the Tragedy. At work guards are at the entrance to the parking garage, searching all visitors, but even that has become commonplace to me in just a matter of days. I always thought how can you put a plane full of regular people off the street, with the only ones in charge steward(ess)s and pilots. It always seemed crazy to me. I will be focused on continuing to gain all the knowledge I can and learn why this happened and the real enormity of it. And watch the War which may turn into WWIII and even the last war before the return of Jesus Christ. tastephen

I still feel disassociated with the attack. I tend to feel like it did not actually happen, not here and not now

I think it has made me a little racist and sad for the loss people are experiencing. Disbelief if you will, that this is going on an freightened to see what is in store!

I think prior to the attack we, as a nation, were a very self centered, materialistic, naive people. If anything good comes of this, it will be that young people wont't be cynics anymore; that conspicuous consumption is not next to godliness and the US is no longer a fireproof house. The US is last best hope of man because of the opportunity its provides. I think we'll realize that again

I think that Osama Bin Laden should be shot in the head

I thought about it but it wasn't until a potentialy hijacked plane landed in my very small hometown that I was worried about it. I felt bad for all those people but once my life, as I thought, was in danger... I guess I didn't care about it anymore. I was more worried about myself and my family

I thought it was fun

I was deeply touched and saddened. I felt helpless in that I was unsure of what I should do. All I wanted to do was help but I felt helpless in doing so. I wanted to do more than watch TV and see what was going on around me

I was devastated. I agree with President Bush on the retalition against the terrorists. This terrorism needs to stop now. If we don't get to the root of the problem - bin Laden & his followers, this will continue

I was driving to college when the announcement came over the radio about the attacks. I had to pull over as I began crying too hard. I didn't feel any outrage but I did, and still do, feel a overwhelming saddness. I couldn't stand the public pointing fingers right away. I'd rather beleive that it wasn't a racis act where as that is all I hear. Also, I have strong religious beleifs and the thought of a war beginning due to Sept.11 scares me immensly. I hope this answer makes sense and is put together orderly

I was infected deeply by the event. I meditate a lot- almost all the time, part of my mind is focused on my breathing; it helps me to maintain a connection. That day though, I realized again & again I wasn't breathing. I lost that control due to horror, grief, anguish, compassion, consideration, anger, confusion, sickness (physical & mental), and the several thousand thoughts breaking on the shores of my mind. I was struck more over the next couple of days, though. I got my rhythm back & when I did, as always, I was reopened to the feeling of the world around me. There was so much confusion and pain in the world, it was all I could feel. Pervasive, but all the while, I was thinking it was good to have it flood through me. If I could wash those feelings and try to send them back out as compassion and love, even if a tiny bit, perhaps it would alleviate another's suffering. Those days were very hard, and don't take this wrong, but I was not directly affected by the event. I lost no family, no friends. So when I opened up to the emotional energy released those first few days, I had a buffer against the pain- consideration. I simply considered how people there must feel & I cried until I dried out. Thane, of Denver

I was really distraught, but basically suprised. It took a while for what happened to sink in. I was not personally affected though, so it was not as hard for me to just move on as it was/is for others

I was scared as hell when it first happened but things have settled down now

I was shocked at first. Although I never dreamed something like that could happen, I am not suprised. I think it is horrible that people could commit acts such as these. I've never had a lot of faith in the goodness of people. Something like this just confirms my opinion. How can people do such a thing in the name of their religion?

I was very saddened by the whole thing and sometimes worry that this is the beginning of the END!!!!

I was very upset and sad. I thought how could anyone do such a thing to hurt others? I really wanted to be close to my family and loved ones

I went through the same phases as I have done when somebody I loved died. Dis-belief, denial, anxiety, panicky, loss of hope for the future on earth, compassion for those who had loved ones and was so closely connected to the Twin Towers. become more depressed than my chronic depressive illness has led me before. I try to remember to live more for the moment but everything is so sad and it is sometimes hard to do that. Although I am close to what is left of my family, I take more time to be with them. Every day it seems harder than the next to face knowing that so many lives will taken over this age old fight about who and what is the real God

I work in a library. Daily Internet behaviors by others is why I experience so much anger. I live in a city without culture-Las Vegas. Rude behavior rampant before and after Sept 11. No effect. I see no compassion from others here

I worry that the US government will try to get what they want by lying or discrediting people or seriously affecting civil rights. Witness: The Gulf of Tonken incident manufactured to get the American people onside with respect to massive troop interference in Vietnam; The FBI lying for five years about their actions at Waco; The hold back of 2600 pages of evidence in the Timothy McVeigh case (despite having enough evidence to convict); The lying at a Senate Committee by the Kuwaiti 'princess' about Iraqi soldiers killing babies at hospitals in Kuwait, in the buildup to the war against Iraq. (Harpers' journalists discovered that the 'princess' was in reality the daughter of a Kuwait ambassador that had not been back to Kuwait for many years); and, The general desire by police forces to 'get their man or woman' regardless of a person's civil rights. (For example the frequent planting of evidence.) Since this is probably the only way that I can contact you, I wish to comment on the survey. For me, the 'weekly' category can mean once, twice, or, for last week as an example, all day for three days out of seven. It could also mean one hour of one day out of seven, or a passing thought. Hence, I was somewhat challenged when checking the 'Weekly' box. I am sure that others have felt the same. Never-the-less, I wish you good luck on your survey results since I have been a transportation planning consultant for 30 years - primarily interested in road safety. Cheers, Ted Fearnley

I'm sad,scared, and angry

I'm sorry that it happened but there is really nothing that one can do about that attack. Nobody is protected. We are all caught up in our little shell thinking that a attack would never happen. The attack was just something to wake us up

I've experienced a lot of grief and depression. I find myself feeling distracted and unable to concentrate. I am also consciously turning to God for help, trying to remember that life continues after death, that the troubles of this world are just a blink of an eye, and that heavenly peace is eternal

I've felt more worried about terrorism and how potential attacks may affect my family. I've also felt more vulnerable--I'm 22 weeks pregnant now--and feel I'm not able to protect myself. However, I've also felt a "patriotic need" to be optimistic and plan for the future, and do what I can, as little as these actions really are--like taking a CPR course and preparing myself and my family by making a Disaster Preparedness Kit, as recommended by FEMA


If its your time to go, its your time to go

In shock, mad that it happened to innocent people. Catch the evil doers and put them in jail

It affects me by living so close to the city and all the people that have lost there lives. I also live close to the city water supply and I am concerned as to what could happen to it

It angered me very much i think we should bomb this towel heads back to hell....not nuke them but just pound the shit out of them and cripple them all so they can never do anything like this again........and we should take the leaders of this group and tie them up and put them in the middle of new york and let the mob handle them...and then if they are still living i say we take a .5 desert eagle and start to blow off each of their fingers until they start to bleed to death...

It didn't really. I know this is a harsh thing to say but people are making this alot bigger than it is. Everyone is so scared and worried they will be next. Everyone has their own theory about whats happening next. People are stupid, by acting this way, Bin Laden is winning. This was his goal and he said it himself. My daily life has not changed at all

It has affected everyone in one way or other

It has helped me reflect on our country's state of being and how other countries think of us. I have no fear, but I am concerned at how this country will handle this situation, and if it will learn from it and take the right steps to evaluate who we are as a nation and what our values are

It has left me very depressed and scared

It has made me feel really sad lately 2 1.15%

It has made me realize that the United States is not invincible from anyone and that another terrorist attack may take place at any time. It worries me that we were not more prepared for the attack even with all of the clues the terrorists gave us. I am very pleased, though, to see the turnout of young Americans willing to give their time and effort in order to help out the victims of the attacks

It has made me sad and confused

It has made me think lesser and lesser of my country, and our president. I feel less patriotic then before the attacks, and feel like the majority of our country's inhabitants are blind, mindless sponges, and that makes me angry. God bless america

It has made me worry about a draft

It has really devasted me as a person , but I believe in God and he is the answer to this whole problem

It hasn't affected me. Sure, I feel sypathemtic for those who were affected, but I'm not going to let any fear of terrorists run or ruin my life

It heart my heart and soul, but I survived and I am here for today

It made me feel sad that people have problems and the only way they know of of dealing with them is through violence

It made me first very frustrated, then very angry because I have been predicting this exact outcome, based on our arrogant greedy foreign policy, for 25 years. Since virtually no one ever listened to me, they can't even remember now that I predicted this inevitable outcome long ago. So I am doubly angry and frustrated: 1) my accurate predictions had no effect on the outcome, 2) my track record of accurate predictions isn't even being compiled (except by me) so I have no prospect of achieving future "clout" via patience, rationality, or other "civilized" means

It made me realize how precious life is and that I should enjoy every miute and just have fun in whatever I am doing. It also made me appreciate everything and everyone around me

It really didn't I would think that a country with a hand in every other country's downfall or upkeep had it coming. Due to teh fact that countries cannot hurt us financially, or militarily. the only choice would be terrorism

It really hasn't affected me personally. I'm still the same person I've always been. So, truly there's been no change in my life what-so-ever

It upset me, but made me feel commonality with the people of America. They joined me in my recent grief over loss of my dad. I'm sorry that everyone is experiencing the torture of loss, but I have to admit that in some ways I find comfort in the idea of my not being alone in suffering

It was both good and bad. "Innocent" people died. The media has always portrayed the U.S. to be the heroes. I think it's time people know the real deal. My only solution would be for Bin Laden and Bush to dawn some boxing gloves and leave the general public out of it. Also President Bush should stop forcing other countries to fight his wars

It's almost surreal to me. I live in a town far from Washington or New York. I know it happened and it was terrible and that many people lost their lives or loved ones but Life here is going on as normal. It's a strange feeling

Kill Osama Bin Ladin

Luckally, it hasn't directly affected me so it doesnt bother me as much as it would have otherwise... that being said I feel much more patriotic

Made me sad

Makes me think what else is going to happen, sad for the victims and their family's


Not in the slightest

Not much, in comparison with those around me. I always have some idea of world news, and realize that worse things have happened in recent years, for example in Afghanistan, Israel, Columbia, China, and dozens of other places. I'm not very nationalistic, so events 1000 miles away don't seem so much more important than those in more distant places. That's not to say I wasn't affected, but that it didn't come as as much of a shock to me, just more of the same cruel hatred that plagues much of the world

Not so much really. I do feel nad for those who have lost loved ones, but I really worry more about what's ahead than what already happend

One in a Million, different ways!!! 2 1.15%

Saddened by the digression of society with the escalation of violence and disregard for human life


Shocked that it happened, grief over the lost, violated that they would attack my homeland, angry that they would do the the unthinkable

Some what upset

The Attacks on America has brought me closer to my loved ones, it has shown me that life is to short to be taken for granted

The September 11th attack hasn't affected me

The September 11th attack really make me stop and think about how easily things like that can happen and how un knowing our world is today. Nobody expects that type of thing to happen

The attack on 9/11/01 has affected me in many ways. howver most of all it has made me more terrified about war, like the draft and what could happen to my entire life. This thing has helped bring out the emotions adn feelings that have built up inside

The damn bastards shouldn't have done it, it affected my way of life, my 401K and I would like to shoot them all

The events of September 11 have had a large impact on my life. I spend a great deal of time obsessed with news coverage. I am fearful for my children and family. I am really beginning to wonder what the hell is wrong with people. They have gone nuts

The general reaction most people seem to have pisses me off. It's ingorant and self-righteous. I saw the incident occur live and while feeling *so* inscredibly sorry for the loved ones of those who died and remain missing, I can hardly believe that anyone is at all surprised. People should know better

The main thing I keep thinking is that those were innocent people who did nothing wrong. In my opinion, the ones responsible for doing all of this should have attacked the United States in a manner in which we could defend ourselves

The persons who did this should suffer, painfully. But those who are not connected should be left alone, escpecially those here in our country. We shouldn't be stupid, but we also shouldn't be blind. But those who did this or help, should be dealt with quickly and severely

Very angry. Almost in a rage. Funny thing that the anger and rage came before the sadness, even though I was at ground zero for 4 days

Very mixed emotions. Having lived in NYC and loking the city very much, I was shocked. Equally, I feel very much for the victims. At the same time, I cannot deny noticing hybris on all sides (esp. Bush and the "patriots" as well as the fundamentalists). I am nearly more worried about the fact that people like Susan Sontag (e.g. her piece in the New Yorker) had to justify their position, that the extreme right is curtailing freedoms right and left, than the attacks in and of themselves. At the time of the Vietnam war, village were destroyed to save them (from comunism), now the essence of the American culture is being undermined in order to save it from terrorism?

Very sad to think that no matter what a persons religion is that they would think that taking thousands of innocent lives is the answer. Annoyance too at all the people and governements that retaliating with like violence is the answer. Humans never learn, they just keep making the same costly mistakes over and over again

Well, I did witness the second plane smashing into tower two. I feel a little uncertain about what's going to happen next

What happened on September 11 was awful. It was really sad and i was angry because of what other people did. I mean how can someone do that. That made me anfry and sad at the same time. i really can't tell how i feel beausse i have mixed emotions

When I first heard about it I thought about my sisters, and a friend that worked around the Pentagon and lived in New York. I thought they should have could Ben and killed him and anyone associated with him, didn't matter whether it was his kids, his dogs, or whatever! 2 1.15%

Yes, it was a tragedy. I feel for the many who lost friends and family members. I also feel that it was a wake up call to our country. In the past everyone just takes things for granted, and thats wrong. We should appreciate what we have and WORK HARD to get what we want, and not USE the government, for "freebee" stuff. Everyone needs to pitch in. Everyone has a role in life, are you doing your fair share? Unity will survive, and keep us alive. Ignorance will perish, so togethernes we must chrerish

a valid response to a powerful unstoppable imperialist corporate regime

anger and feelings of being overwhelmed. kind of a "none of the things we are doing are actually going to solve the problem" feeling. Doubt that the issue is getting better, and fear of more to come

concerned and also very helpless to the situation, would like to help in some sort of way, anger is a part of my emotions but sorrow wins out for both the victims and the mentality of the attackers

deep confusion, pity, anxiety

deep sorrow, concerned, hurt, angry, disturbed


i am pissed off that it happened to the US and new york for that matter but i knew a couple people there and it saddens me more than gets me pissed but also i want those people to pay and that goes for anyone helping or aiding the wrongdoers at all...they killed civilians but we're not we just want the bad guy i dont see a problem with that

i fell nothing since it has happened

i think all rag heads should be put on a plane and sent back to their own country, and if it blows up half way back....oopsy. then bomb the entire area until it is a hole in the world, after that we send our prisoners over to drill for oil like the british did with australia. It will also save on taxes

i wan to bomb the bastards who killed the innocent

i wanna kill myself 2 1.15%

i was very confused, and upset, i hope we kill the bastards that did this to us!

it has made me more appreciative of my country and freedom and to not take anything for granted because it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye

it has not personaly effected me so it does not weigh that much of a toll on me. So the way i see it is that, "Life will go on and the world will go round". my direct quote 2 1.15%

it hurts to know that somebody hates us so bad

it pissed me off. i was very concerned for the people that were hurt and killed. but i want bin laden dead. the country did a good uniting as they have throughout history to fight a enemy

it really didn't have that much of an effect on me. it affected me more that tehy sent troops over seas

it was terrible!

it worried me. I prayed for all those who lost someone. I felt bad for them



made me extremely sad specially for people who lost their loved ones

made me mad. thankful to be alive. for the first couple of weeks i would tear-up at every new event. i am a patriot. i love this country. i will surrender my civil liberties to ensure this never happens again. protect my children

more patriotic

more than anything it made me so sick to my stomache and pray that the government makes the right decisions as to how to handle it. I also thank God that I don't have to make decisions like the President has to

none what so ever

not at all

not mutch

pissed off

pretty much the most anger I have ever felt in my life. Although I feel that I have taken on a diferent perspective in life with people

sad for the missing peoples relitives . mad at the people responsible

scared nervous upset shocked!!!!

shock and sadness because of the religious intolerance. I asked myself in what century we live and why men never learn throughout history. 3000 years of history and we are still animals. Oh god

slightly more nervous about future

surprised me

this has affected me beciase this has never happend in the 16years i've been alive i've never heard of anything so upsetting.

to thing not to wate to say i love you to someone you love cause they could go any minute

upset me very badly. i fell very sorry 4 all the ppl

upsets me

very very sad

well, i am feeling really, really sad about it all. i feel like killing the people that did this whole shit! if i were to be the one to punish the terrorists, i would torcher them first -really bad, and then kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Some Drivers Slow Down After Attacks

Saturday October 27, 2001
By JENNIFER HAMILTON, Associated Press Writer

DENVER (AP) - Former New York taxi driver Max Winkler is the kind of guy who zips in and out of traffic to shave seconds off his 30-minute commute, impatient to reach his job at the state parole office.

Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Winkler has slowed down, even allowing others to pass, signaling them on with a wave.

``I think, 'Maybe I shouldn't be creating these problems for other people,''' he said. ``We're all Americans; we're brothers and sisters.''

The Colorado State Patrol reported a 16.5 percent decrease in calls to its aggressive driving hotline during September. It logged 3,926 reports, compared with 4,704 in August and 4,547 in July.

``People appear to be a little more civil out there, even in my own driving I've noticed that,'' said State Patrol Capt. Steve Powell. ``They feel a little bit more like a community because events have brought us together.''

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (news - web sites) doesn't have up-to-date statistics to determine if Colorado's trend extends nationwide.

Tom Reel, president of the nonprofit Traffic Safety Association of Michigan, said he has noticed an improvement in his state.

``I think it's all part of this attitude that anything can happen at any time,'' Reel said. ``We don't know what's going to happen, so we ought to be a little bit nicer to people.''

AAA of Colorado spokeswoman Mary Greer said she believes drivers may be less inclined in the post-attack period to tailgate or flash rude gestures. ``Maybe somebody cuts them off and now they decide to just let it go,'' she said.

But in the Los Angeles area, California Highway Patrol officials say nothing has changed when it comes to traffic. Reports of tailgating dropped only slightly to 1,043 between Sept. 11 and Oct. 24, compared to 1,060 in the same period last year.

``People are still in a hurry, still uptight with each other. There's still a lot of people talking on their cell phones, cutting people off,'' said Officer Loren Hines, who patrols the northeastern communities of Los Angeles.

``As people get back to business as usual, folks are going to get back into traffic and do what they always have,'' said Georgia State Patrol spokesman Jim Shuler. ``The only real difference I have seen since Sept. 11 has been that now, maybe the car that cuts you off has an American flag on the back window.''