Additional Explanations for Scene 2

It's very tempting to wave the blue car through especially since it arrived at the intersection first, and thus it is expected to go first according to road rules. Bur remember: if you wave the other driver through you are taking on additional responsibilities and risks, as explained in the Additional explanations page for Scene 1. It's the other driver's move. Just wait, as you are supposed to.
Think of it this way: predictability is one of the most important traits of a good driver. If other drivers can predict what you will do, you are being a good driver. Right of way rules are important because they make the actions of drivers predictable to one another.

In this situation, you are supporting the principle of predictability by behaving as expected, according to right of way rules. Since the blue car arrived first, and since both of you noticed that fact, therefore the blue car should go first. This is the safest for all, and involves the least risk and stress.

What do you do while you're waiting? Put on a pleasant face, do not prolong eye contact, relax with your hands visible on the wheel. In a few seconds, the other driver will get the idea and proceed with the left turn.

What do you do when the other driver waves you through? I would then proceed if there are no other cars approaching. Some people, when they're being waved through in a situation like this, themselves try to wave the other driver through. So the two drivers sit, locked in a semi-comic waving match, each trying to get the other going. This is a dangerous situation. I've seen this happen after such a mutual waving frenzy: both drivers decide simultaneously to give in and proceed--straight for a collision with one another!

To summarize:

  • If the other car arrives first, just wait. Do not wave the car through.
  • If the other driver waves you through, proceed with caution. Do not respond by waving the other driver through.

    Read a report dealing with communication among drivers at a 4-way intersection.

This Page is the Additional EXPLANATIONS for Scene 2.
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