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Additional Explanations for Scene 5

As explained in relation to Scene 4 it is possible to be overcautious or overpolite by not giving sufficient importance to the ligtimate rights and needs of the drivers around you. Besides wanting to be safe, other drivers need and expect appropriate haste from each other. They need to feel that you respect their needs and wishes just as much as you do your own. This is a form of the Golden Rule in the driving situation. It is the rule of Peace on the road.

If you don't see this clearly, you need to think this through and discuss it with others. Maybe you need to join a QDC or Quality Driving Circle where you can meet regularly with a group of friends or family to discuss driving psychology issues and help each other with self-witnessing exercises.

Here is a valid comment from one of the visitors:

Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:00:52 -1000
From: Dean 
To: dyc@DrDriving.org
Subject: scene 5

I disagree with your answer to scene 5. Changing to the left lane
in this case is unnecessary, the problem on our freeways today
is due to too many people in the left lane, many of them there
because of their fear of dealing with merging traffic. Speeding
up may not be an option if you are already traveling at the speed
limit and the law does not allow you to speed up. I say maintain
your speed and let the merging car pick his opening, he can
fluctuate his speed to get into the hole. If a car needs to merge
in front of you and there is not enough room between yourself and
the car in front of you then *lift slightly off of the accelerator*
to make an opening, braking is unnecessary and dangerous.

The misunderstanding of how to merge on the freeway is a leading
cause of upset people on the freeway.

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